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I was going through my Google Reader t’other day and saw a post from Charlotte saying that Nails Inc had a special offer for one day only, where you could get 10 nail varnishes for £25. Considering that they normally cost £11 each, this was a bargain, especially with the discount code Charlotte thoughtfully provided at the end of the post. 10 nail varnishes for £20? That’s cheaper than the market stall in Chester where we used to buy all our make up from when we were young and poor!

My parcel arrived and annoyingly, the plastic tray insert was smashed and the box was bashed up – not the sort of state I could give to someone for a present. I contacted Nails Inc and they sent out a replacement. Not a replacement box and tray (which would have been nice) but an entire new set. Brilliant customer service there! I asked if they wanted the broken one back (since there was nothing wrong with the actual polishes) and they said I could keep it.

I’m not really a nail varnish fan. I get more polish on my fingers than I do on my nails. So it felt pointless me keeping the set for myself. Whats the point in me telling you all this though?

Long story short – I’d like to give the set away to one of you guys! I’ve been thinking about doing a giveaway for a while, since I reached 1000 followers on Twitter (I’m aware than most could be spam bots, but shh, let me pretend people care what I tweet!)

As with any giveaway, there are a few rules and that. I’ve never done a giveaway myself before so I had a look at what everyone else did – I’ve pored over so many blogs, I went a bit cross eyed!

  • Be a follower on either Facebook (just click the “Like” button to the right!) or Google Reader (please let me know which!)
  • Post a comment  (and including your email address so I know how to contact you!)
  • Have a UK postal address (sorry non UK people!)

For an extra entry, follow me on Twitter and tweet “@hayles is giving away some Nails Inc goodies on her blog –” (or anything on those lines – just include my name and the url :) )

The deadline is 12am GMT (erm, when do the clocks go back? Midnight on Sunday anyway) Monday 8th November (so you’ve got until 11.59pm on Sunday to comment! I get confused easily), and the winner will be picked using Hopefully these rules aren’t too bad?

The colours in the box are:

  • Berkeley Square – dark grey
  • Eagle Street – dusky nude
  • Duchess Street – vibrant purple
  • The Vale – deep plum
  • Eden Grove – vibrant teal
  • Montrose Place – iridescent hot pink
  • Buckingham Street – hot pink glitter
  • Dean Street – pillar box red
  • Maple Street – metallic brown
  • Shelton Street – gold glitter

(shamefully nicked from Charlotte.)

Thank you again for reading my little blog. If you want to say hello in other ways or have any questions, I love emails (hi (at) and theres Formspring if you want to be anonymous!


  1. Tim C says

    I’m a Genesis follower on Facebook and Google Reader.

    Genesis? Follow you if you follow me, geddit?

    Gimme some nail varnish, I’ll look pretty. (Erm, I mean, for Julez, obv)

  2. Sarah says

    I’m a follower on Twitter, Facebook and Google Reader. I also regularly follow you around Bristol when you’re not looking. I was even in your house last week. (okay, you did actually invite me, but ssshhh)


  3. The Girl says

    Ha I love it. Give something away and suddenly you get 5 billion comments, Amazing!

    I feel like it’s too easy just to comment, you should have set us a task or something – a small essay on why we feel we deserve to have pretty nails.

    So instead I will say that I would like to enter the giveaway because I am currently biting my nails down to the quick trying to get Take That tickets. (Have I even been able to get on Ticketmaster since 9am? No. Should I really give up now? Yes. Am I going to? No.) So really, if you think about it, I’m the most deserving person ever. Despite the fact that I’m awful and don’t follow you on Facebook and don’t have the faintest idea how to work Twitter.

    • Tim says

      I think an essay about deserving pretty nails is a brilliant idea. In fact, if you send ME an essay about your nails, the best one will win some nail varnish which I will buy at knock-down price from Market One, who often have loads of delisted stock from Superdrug and that.

      Not quite as good a prize, but think of the challenge.

  4. Nic's Notebook says

    Grrrr maybe I’m just stupid but I can’t find how to sign up to your RSS feed?? Have liked you on Facebook and I follow you on Twitter :) Please enter me in your fabby competition, I’m trying so hard not to rip at my cuticles so I can wear lovely nail polishes with pride! Am going to tweet your comp link now too!!

  5. sef says

    I follow you on facebook and stalk you on here. because i’m your sister, and this is the only way i can find out anything about your life. and i’ll probably not win because of this :D meanie.

  6. Kyrie says

    what a great giveaway! I’ve never tried nails inc nail polish (only this year I’ve stopped biting my nails and I’ve only got Barry M!)
    I’d love to enter! I’ve “liked” you on facebook & have been following on twitter for a while, so I’ll tweet in a second!

    Kyrie x

  7. Lucy says

    LOVE this giveaway! I’m a follower on Facebook (I couldn’t work out Google Reader?! Am I stupid?!) and I tweeted so please enter meeee :)

    Lucy x

  8. Kat says

    I’m a follower on facebook, and have tweeted, so please can I be entered? Thank you! :) xx

  9. Liz Dean says

    I know that stall in Chester! I still buy nail polish from there. Cause I’m still poor lol.

    Following on Facebook. :)

    • Hayley says

      It was such a ritual when I was a teenager to go there and buy one nail varnish for 59p! I might have to make a visit at Xmas :)

  10. Udita says

    enter me for the fab giveaway pretty please!
    just started following you after Charlotte’s recommendation on twitter!


  11. Winnie says

    What great customer service, I love that they sent you an entirely new set.

    I love nails Inc and so of course I have to enter! I’m following you on Facebook!

  12. Bex says

    Hi, great blog, I’ve followed you on twitter, (I’m Bex4ever) and I’ve told my followers about your giveaway, and I’ve ‘Liked’ you on facebook! I love nail inc polishes! Please enter me! Thanks,
    Bex XxX

  13. Beth says

    Hey, I am indeed a facebook follower and although I have far too many cosmetics I couldn’t resist trying to get my mitts on some more. Love the blog x

  14. Kei Kei says

    Wow that is excellent customer service. I love to paint my nails but it can be an expensive habit, I should look out for such bargains like you did with these and try more new colours.

    I am following you on Facebook and Twitter. Please count my entry :)

    Thank You x.

  15. Lydia says

    Enter me please, I am a google reader follower. Not that i need any more nail polishes but i love the look of these colours! xx

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