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Sarah (thats her up there) has a blog that I’ve been reading for quite a while, and she is one of the few people who tweets as much as me. (Honestly, I kinda feel sorry for you if you follow both of us!). She was lovely enough to answer my questions when she was in the middle of moving house.

For those people who might not read your blog or follow you on Twitter, tell us the basics about you.
I’m officially in my late twenties now which bothers me quite a bit as last time I looked I was still 18. I am quite short and own more dresses than anyone I know. I’m stupidly addicted to Twitter and tweet way too much. I hate ‘I’ve Gotta Feeling’ by the Black-Eyed Peas more than any other song in existence. I am madly in love with my shiny camera and take photographs constantly. Also, I’m quite nice.

Whats the most exciting thing you’re looking forward to this summer?
Now Glastonbury’s over it’s got to be the Ben & Jerry’s Summer Sundae Festival because it’s a whole day of eating ice cream. Wow. And after that, IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!! And then when that’s over, I pretty much start looking forward to Christmas.

What bands/songs/albums will be the soundtrack to your summer?
Foals – Total Life Forever, Two Door Cinema Club – Tourist History, Miiike Snow and Yeasayer – Odd Blood. Also probably some Lady GaGa and Girls Aloud because cheese is awesome.

Where is the strangest place you’ve been on holiday?
Um… um… nowhere, really! But once when I was little we went on holiday to Holland and we went on a giant posh ferry and the ferry had a swimming pool! INSIDE! And when you swam in it the boat rocked about and it was like being in a pool with a wave machine. Which was probably really dangerous, actually. But AWESOME.

What song (old or new) instantly makes you think of summer?
My old one is A Little Respect by Erasure because it reminds me of the best party EVER. My new one is Green Grass by I Am Arrows which is so summery and amazing, I LOVE it and the internet thinks it’s already out but can I find it on iTunes? Noooo.

Whats the most embarrassing thing thats happened to you on a holiday.
A few years ago I was in Benidorm with a big group of friends – girls and guys – and hopped up out of the pool onto the steps to sort out my goggles (yep, I’m not cool, but I wear contacts and chlorine tortures my eyes). A second later, my BFF squeaked ‘Sarah!’ and I looked down… and my bikini top was not at ALL where it was supposed to be. Flashing a pool full of my friends (and a bunch of strangers) – pretty embarrassing!

Whats the best iced lolly: FAB, Magnum, Mini Milk or other?
Those new Magnums with the gold chocolate are pretty damn incredible. Failing that, Solero or Mini Milk for magical low-calorie-ness!

Did you look forward to the end of summer as a kid or did you dread going back to school?
Bleurgh, no, I hated school. People were mean. Summer forever!!

What five things are essential for the perfect summers day?
PIMMS!!!! Also sunglasses, a pretty sun-dress and a big, boozy BBQ. And probably suncream. Or a boat.

Anything else to add?
Yes. As I am typing these answers, it is raining. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT. Sort it out, summer.

Thanks Sarah! Follow her blog SBV at



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