Do Stop Believing, Thanks.

You know the song. You’ve heard it every hour on the local radio station (Thanks Heart. I officially hate you. Its all about JACK FM for me. They might play the same song list every day, but damn it, at least I like their music.)

Don’t Stop Believing was one of my favourite old rock songs. One of my main memories with the song is driving back from the hospital when Mum was ill with my sister and Dad in the Jeep, I popped a CD I had burnt into the CD player and skipped to this song. My sister and I started singing, and Dad looked puzzled about where we knew the song from.

Sadly, Glee has spoilt it. The Glee kids did a reasonable cover version of it, and thats it, now we must listen to those same four chords playing over and over.

I wish I could take the midnight train going een-eeee-wheeeeeeeere to get away from this bloody song, but its never going to work. So this is my plea. Radio stations, advertisers, TV stations, anyone that has the ability to choose songs for something: STOP PLAYING THIS SONG.

Although I bet the Journey blokes are full of Glee (you see what I did there?) from the royalties.



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