Betterware, better, yeah!

A few weeks into my extended stay at the Boys house (which sort of turned into me moving in, oops), a magazine dropped onto the doormat.

When I saw it was a Betterware catelogue, I may have squealed with glee. Who knew that to get quality crap delivered to your door for a low low price, you just needed to move to the suburbs?
I’ve mentioned before about my love of these sort of things, and have even blogged about the JML love over at Sarahs site, EssBeeVee. When the catelogue dropped through my door though, I knew I had to take some pictures of the amazing items available. (This was before I got my amazing scanner, otherwise you would have had beautiful versions of the products. Sigh. Next time.)

Stop looking like a massive slut in the office, and get these odd little bibs to attach to your bustenhalter! Er, no thanks. I’d rather just give everyone a good eyeful. Also, if the lady in the picture didn’t have the modesty panel, then she’s just a skank, that top is cut below the bra line!

Trying to cut down on the portions? Or are you a massive loner and have no friends? Buy this tiny frying pan and accept that you’ll be found half eaten by Alsatians. (Having said that, I just want one of these because its small and cute. Such a girl.)

The more you look through these catelogues though, the more you end up going “God, that is a bloody good idea. Why didn’t I think of that before?” Long handled spoons, to get the last bit out of the jar. Brilliant (although a tiny spatula would work even better and would be small and cute, therefore guarenteeing I would buy it)

Mini funnel. See above. (Although the suggested uses are crap. My uses for it would be to fill up the hipflasks. Yes, plural.)

Hide your keys to the house in a really fake looking rock that you’d probably put near the house. Yeah, not the best idea. (Hint to robbers: look for the plastic looking rock. To test if its real, throw it at a window! If its real, then you wont need the keys to get in.)

It looks like Cath Kidston threw up in this bathroom after a particlary dodgy curry. Ew.

So for some reason, I found myself recently in the Costa in Shepton Mallet reading a magazine that came free with The People. And one of their crap tips (man, I LOVE me a good crap tip) was if shoes were rubbing your toes, then wrap your toes in bubble wrap and it would be super comfy. This is the deluxe version of that tip obviously.

Betterware does have a website but…I don’t know. Its just one of those things to me that need the catalogue. Theres something so satisfying about catalogues that you just can’t get from viewing it on a computer, or reading a catalogue on an iPad or Kindle.


  1. Becs says

    Haha that modesty panel was given to one of the girls at my old work when she left! My mum has the spoons and I have admittedly tried something VERY similar to the toe protectors. Jesus, there is no help for us,

  2. sef says

    I have the mini frying pan in work. It’s beyond awesome, but gets used far too little. I want to make little pancakes in it.


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