This Week

I finally got my side of the office all sorted out, and its lovely! The downside of course is that I have the office chair that the dog likes to sleep on, which means I often end up with a spaniel in the way.
I’ve sorted out most of the house, so its just the bedrooms (apparently I have too many shoes, handbags and clothes…um, no, no I do not.) to go.
I hate moving.

ThreeMobileBuzz are having a competition where you can win a new phone and a new handbag. I like this idea, and I’m not sure I should be telling you all this, because the less people that enter, the more chance I have of winning. And I do need new handbags. Visit for more info.

On Wednesday, I met Michaela for some food at Nandos after work. I never had Nandos before last week and now I think I love it. A double chicken burger thing was just a bit too much chicken for me.

Tim has decided to make some questions up to ask people, and first up is Julez! She doesn’t like pineapple. I find that odd.

One of the reasons I love Bristol is that people aren’t afraid to wear what they like. I saw this bloke who (to me at least) looks like a cross between the army bloke (Mike, apparently) from Spaced, and the bloke from Mythbusters that has the huge tache and beret. I know, this is why you read my blog – my amazing descriptive skillz.

Becs has given LayTheTable a gorgeous redesign, and with it, has posted this awesome recipe for Pimms No 1 Cupcakes. Mmm. All that buttercream.

On Saturday, I went to Harvey Nicks to see if I could find a nice bottle of whisky for my dad. (I did, but it cost £2000. Um, no. I ended up getting him a portable hard drive and put a load of pictures on it for him.) I was so tempted by this tea set, it was so Alice in Wonderland-y!

For those who were asking last week, my dress that I wore to the Chap was an old wrap dress I wear for work that I bought from Primark. I love it! Apparently, there is a mini Olympiad at Vintage at Goodwood, although  I tried asking them via Twitter and had no response.

I love the window and store decorations they have at Harvey Nicks, and this (incredibly blurry, because I was trying to make out like I was looking at the Shu Uemura eyelashes (ooh they do some pretty ones)) one was one of my favourites. They’re giant rag dolls, wearing outfits from the store. As I came down the escalator, I thought they were Frank Sidebottom heads!

I love how grafitti in this city is used to pretty up any building.

I’ve reinstalled Skype, so for anyone who wants to contact me, or only had my old user name, I can be contacted on hayley.constantine. I know. Its so unusual.

To end with, here is a kittin riding around on a tortoise. AMAZING.


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