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Question Time: Zoe

I first spoke to Zoe a few months after she got married to my old housemate from Uni, James. We found that we got on really well, and she still keeps telling him off for not inviting me to their wedding! She has become one of my favourite blogger friends, and understands all the silly little things that I notice about blogs and that! Of course I had to ask her some questions!

For those people who might not read your blog or follow you on Twitter, tell us the basics about you

I am a “twenty something” who has a pretty boring day job, a husband, a dog and a slightly too enthusiastic love of all things geeky or randomly cheesy, including (but not limited to) anything that Apple make, the IT Crowd, the Internet, web design, blogging, lego and Singstar. I love to watch films, play games and spend my time trying to avoid doing the housework. Sometimes (ok, ok, a lot of the time) I moan about my health problems and their consequences on my attempt at a peaceful existence. This might be why my blog is not very popular. That, and it’s incredible randomness. Kinda like this interview question.

Whats the most exciting thing you’re looking forward to this summer?

I’m not sure! I have a few things to look forward to – mostly seeing friends and going to stay with my parents in Cornwall for a week. That trip’s awesome factor depends on the weather though… and it rains a lot in Cornwall. Seriously though, I’m sure it will be great either way, it’s been a while since we last visited, and I get to see the sea. I’m nearly 25 and seeing the sea still excites me.

What bands/songs/albums will be the soundtrack to your summer?

My taste in music is really eclectic, and I am normally completely hopeless at remembering song, artist and album names, so I never remember what music I want to buy and have to listen to . Right now I am enjoying all the Glee albums, Ocean Eyes by Owl City, the Valentine’s Day OST and To The Sea by Jack Johnson. I also really love listening to instrumental soundtracks… my current favourites are Alice in Wonderland (2010), Pride & Prejudice (2005) and Up (2009).

Where is the strangest place you’ve been on holiday?

The island of Ikaria in Greece was pretty weird. It was with uni, but our field trips were all sort of ‘working holidays’, in that we would work for half a day and be tourists for the other half. The place isn’t really a tourist trap, and we went out of season anyway, so nothing was open other than the local restaurants so we mostly ate gorgeous food and spent a few evenings drinking beer in a natural geothermal pool.

What song (old or new) instantly makes you think of summer?

Pretty much anything by the Beach Boys. Oh yes.

Whats the most embarrassing thing thats happened to you on a holiday?

I may as well tell you, seeing as my Dad told every single guest at my wedding. Telling the Internet is nothing compared to being in a room whilst my father informed my brand new mother-in-law of what happened. Anyway, when I was about 11 I was very excited to go on my very first Girls Venture Corps Air Cadets camping trip. It was about 45 minutes drive from where I lived, and was for two nights in some random field. And I forgot to pack my knickers. I admitted this to the camp organiser, and they had to ring my parents to make the round trip to bring me some clean underwear. Ever since then, my father has taken great delight in telling every boyfriend I’ve ever had about it, and also bringing it up every single time I’ve ever packed to go on a trip.

Whats the best iced lolly: FAB, Magnum, Mini Milk or other?

Uhhhh… I love Mars Ice Cream bars at the moment. But Mini Milks, Magnums and Cornettos are all great too. I’m fickle, me. I can tell you my favourite Ben & Jerrys flavour though. You know, just in case you feel like buying me some sometime. Phish Food. It’s like heaven in a tub. Also, it’s fun to say. Phiiiisssshhh Food. And it has those cute and tasty fishes swimming around in it. Mmmmmm.

Damn you, now I want to buy some. And eat it. Nom nom nom.

Did you look forward to the end of summer as a kid or did you dread going back to school?

As I was one of those sad people that enjoyed studying, I was usually ready to go back to do some more fun maths. This could have been something to do with the fact that our summer holidays were “home alone with dad” holidays though, and my father always delighted in tormenting us during the 6 weeks he held us prisoner.

What five things are essential for the perfect summers day?

Sunshine, cool drinks, a picnic, good company (or a good book!) and nothing to stress about.

Anything else to add?

Um, sorry I rambled so much. I’ve been taking loopy painkillers.

Thanks Zo! Looking forward to seeing you and James this weekend for some Tillos nommage. Visit Zoe’s blog at
If anyone else is interested in answering some questions, drop me an email – hi (at)


The Girl recently commented on my Filofax post with:

“You have Paperchase by your office? Hello my name is jealous”

And yes, when I didn’t work near a Paperchase, I’d have thought it was the greatest thing ever (the nearest ones being in House of Fraser which back in t’day (ok…two years ago) weren’t open past 6pm or in Borders (which was a crap one anyway))

But now? Its a DANGER.

You might convince yourself that you’re going to pop in and ONLY come out with a birthday card for someone. Then somehow between going in and paying, you’ve ended up with £15 of stuff (I’ve done that)

Paperchase (and stationary in general) is an addiction. Its like crack. In fact, crack would be a better addiction to have, because then I wouldn’t end up with piles of pretty notebooks with nothing written in them because

  • They’re far too pretty to write in
  • I don’t know what to write in them
  • I’m a geek, I write everything on my iPhone anyway (or in my Filofax of course)

It tempts me every day with its swish colour changing logo and pretty things in the window. The bastard.

Best Haul Video Ever

I’ve never quite understood the whole “haul” video thing. I’m not really into vlogging at all, but haul videos just seem a bit too showy, showing off the latest purchases of make up and clothes. I switch off most blogs after a minute, because it seems odd to be watching someone talking to a screen. (And don’t even get me started on people who edit the “um”‘s out.)

However, I had to share this haul video with you. Even if you love making and watching haul videos, you can’t help but laugh at this one!

via FashionBinge

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