Not Such A Blonde Bimbo Girl

The first Barbie thing I remember having was a Dr Barbie playcase. It was pink plastic in the shape of a doctors bag, and opened out with a bed, a curtain and a plastic trolley. I loved it, along with my Barbie camper van, both were used first with Barbie, then when I was a little older, with my hamster who would wreak havoc on Barbie. GIANT FUR MONSTER AHOY.

It seems that Barbie has done most professions, and can’t actually stick with one job for long. With that in mind, the makers are now asking what she should do next.

Click that image to see it in more detail. The choices are:

  • Enviromentalist
  • Surgeon
  • Architect
  • News Anchor
  • Computer Engineer

The first four choices, lets face it, are pretty damn girly. Enviromentalist? Thats just faffing with pretty flowers. Surgeon? Upgraded doctor, which is the upgraded nurse. Architect is drawing pictures of houses with flowers around the door, and a news anchor is getting paid to chat crap. (Hmm, maybe thats a job for me…)

The job that sticks out (at least to me) is the computer engineer. I know a lot of computer engineers, so I say this in the nicest way possible. Its not a job for a pretty blonde girl. Computer engineers are (generally) fat, sweaty blokes who eat pizza and drink beer. And probably haven’t been near a girl.

So, if you think that the next Barbie doll should come with her own laptop and crate of Mountain Dew, go here and vote.

(p.s. Any of my friends that are computer engineers, or anything related. I loves you. You are not who I mean in the above entry. )


  1. Alex says

    Fat – unfortunately not. Must gain weight?
    Sweaty – my exercise is limited to horizontal activity.
    Near a girl – damnit, you tricked me again. Pffft.

    PS: can haz Mountain Dew?


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