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Festive Times!

As most people have excitedly been blogging and tweeting, its been snowing quite a bit in the UK. Bristol and Bath was hit on Sunday, while I was at the Boys house. The snow meant that we were snowed in on Monday – which wasn’t the best day for anyone to be around me (am still feeling very guilty that he had to put up with me in a crap mood for three days, and one of those was a day off!)

The roads were clear enough by early evening on Monday, so we went to Cabot Circus for some last minute shopping (him, not me. Mine was all done and wrapped last week. And yes, I am very smug about it all)

However, while I was walking home yesterday (after being caught in a sudden downpour, and having to go to two mail depots to pick up a parcel that wasn’t there yet because despite moving closer to one depot, my mail now goes to somewhere about a mile away. Marv.) I slipped and fell on my right side, spraining my wrist in the process.

So all the plans I had this holiday (because my office is closed till January :( ) to write lots of things, and stuff are out the window because it hurts to type. This blog has taken twice as long as usual because am trying to type with one hand. Much harder than it looks.

So, Christmas. My sister isnt spending it with me and my Dad, something that annoys us a LOT. We’ll be at the pub again. but I’m probably not going to be able to do anything because I need both hands when serving on the bar. Obviously am gutted. Will just drink more.
I wasn’t feeling very festive until a brief moment last week when a tree appeared in our front room:

Thankfully we don’t have any scary tree toppers like this angel in my office. It looks like it would eat your brains

Anyway. This slightly rambly and not making much sense blog post has to end, because I need to pack for a few days away, and maybe have a nap.

Hope you all have splendid, marvellous and safe Christmases (or any other winter festival you celebrate) x

Band Aid 20 – Do They Know It’s Xmas

Reasons why this video is amazing:

  1. The look of GLEE on Daniel Bedingfields face at the thought of working again.
  2. Sugababes with 66% original members
  3. Tom from Keane looks a lot like James May (I HAVE ONLY JUST REALISED)
  4. All the bands and singers that were like OMG IMPORTANT back in 2004, and I had actually forgotten about now
  6. The look of boredom on Charlie from Busted’s face. Cheer up you giant eyebrowed man.


This weekend I have been in a really meh mood because I couldn’t make it up to Chester for the festive shenanigans with these girls

(l to r) Gemma, Rachael,  Helen and me. Check out the 90’s styles!

Its also four years today since my mum died.

Steph, Mum and I at some random wedding

Oh, and I ended up taking the day off work because I couldn’t get back to Bristol from Bath last night because there was SNOW.
More amusingly, I took one step onto some ice, and fell straight on my arse. Oh dear. I am so graceful.

(am very grateful to my friends that have sent good thought messages to me, and to the boy, for having to put up with me this weekend moping about)

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