Blokes, Beachyness and Big Ass Cocktails!

On Thursday 3rd Dec, Zoe and I were invite to a “girls night out” as part of the whole Uncover Aussie thing. The night out was held at Mahiki in Mayfair, London.

For two non-London girls, this trip was far too exciting. I got the train to London after an agonising morning at work and ended up meeting Zoe at Earls Court. We hopped on the next tube to Kensington, and checked into our hotel. An aborted hunt for food ended up with trips to Tesco and Costa for some room picnic food and watching Friends on the TV. We lazed about for a bit until we realised we were going to be late, then lazed a bit more.
Thankfully, we weren’t the only ones late, as we met with Charlotte from Lipglossiping and her friend Vicky, who were also staying at the Hilton. Eventually we made it to Mahiki, and did a bit of cheesy posing.

Mahiki is a beachy themed bar, with bamboo and exotic cocktails everywhere. We had a chap serving us whilst wearing just a pair of trunks (although everyone has mentioned this, and said they weren’t perving at him, no one has complained so far that there was a half naked man serving us!) At one point, we had him bringing us random cocktails that we had ordered by colour.

There was also a magician which I thought sounded a bit cheesy at first (much like the above pose!) but I really enjoyed the card tricks that Alex performed whilst sitting at our table.
Nic of PixiWoo was doing makeup in a corner of the room – I have to admit, I didn’t really know who she was, not being a make up wearing sort of girl.
(Sample conversation whilst getting ready:

Z: “Will this powder stuff stop me going red after a drink” (powder stuff being Maybelline mineral powder)
H: “Meh, try it.”

We are not make up bloggers if you hadn’t guessed.)

The cocktail that everyone seems to have been raving about is the Treasure Chest, a liqueur filled chest with fresh fruit and flowers on top, which then had a bottle of Moet poured on top and straws stuck in so we could share. This cost £100, which is pretty insane when I think about it! (Delicious though!)

This is not the treasure chest, obviously, but shots of a yummy peachy cocktail.

We ended up having to move upstairs, where more treasure chests and pretty pink cocktails with orchids in were consumed, which may or may not have led to some pretty epic dancing to some uber cheesy choons. (It was that cheesy I said choons)

We grabbed a taxi back to the hotel at some time around midnight or 1am – we were having so much fun I didn’t notice the time!

One thing that amused me is that someone asked Zoe and I what sort of thing we blogged about, and we said “random crap” to which they replied “ah, lifestyle bloggers then!”. Yes, yes I am one of those. I think.
It was so fab meeting so many new people, and my first night out in London was amazing! Many thanks to the awesome guys at 1000Heads – they seemed to be having just as much fun as we were!

Going back to the old school drunken posing, the point.

Photos shamefully stolen from 1000Heads Flickr Set and Zoe’s Flickr Set.


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