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My Saviours

These shoes are amazing. I’ve had this particular pair for about a year, and they’ve saved my feet from immense pain more than once.
These shoes are folding shoes, and are so comfortable after a day (or night of course!) wearing heels. Of course, you can get folding shoes in quite a few places now, but I think these were the originals – they’re certainly a lot more sturdy than the ones in Primark!

You can buy the folding shoes above via the following link – Redfoot Eva Folding Ballet Pump at

Countryside Chic

Picture windy walks in the countryside and roaring log fires and you’ll begin to appreciate why the fashion pack has fallen in love with English countryside dressing
Fair Isle knits, traditional checks and a softened palette of natural tones are must-haves for woolies, while ladylike tailoring and prim accessories have got us yearning for a weekend spent in the country!

After reading the above passage in one of the Topshop newsletters, I realised that my favourite season fashion wise is Autumn (and Winter as well) because you get to wear lovely rich colours and thick clothes.

If only I had the money for all those lovely things :(

The Good, The Bad…

…and something else

I know, it’s been a bit quiet around here. That’s partly because I’ve been pretty unwell for a few weeks, but also because I’ve been going out a lot more (please note, I am not complaining about going out.)

Here’s a bit of a post where I almost mention what’s been going on.

Purple Confetti, originally uploaded by Caro’s Lines.

The Good

  • Spending many evenings at the Banco Lounge drinking tea. I am tea’d out most nights we go. This makes me quite happy
  • A full calendar. I put any event that happens into my Google Calendar, so I can see what I did on a certain date. (This has proven to be useful more than once, and is not just me being very anal)
  • Knee high socks and thick thick tights. Keeping my legs all toasty warm, which is always a good thing.
  • Being spoilt, just a little bit. Of course, being pampered in Birmingham was awesome, but there’s no way I could do that every week.
  • BFF’s. Seeing Helen last weekend was awesome, but made me sad I don’t see her as much I see Louise (aka The Wife). She totally needs to move closer. I love that I can tell those two anything, and whilst they usually mock me, they do answer my trés stupid and/or embarressing questions.
  • Mini hot water bottles from Paperchase. Small enough to fit in my work bag, big enough to make my back feel better. And it’s so cute!
  • Hocus Pocus. It’s almost Halloween, which means you should curl up on the sofa (with a cup of tea, of course) and watch this film. Also, I’m pretty sure Helen, Zoe and I tried to do the walk after leaving Red last weekend. We weren’t drunk, just…erm…happy. Yeah.

The Bad

  • Not keeping up to date. A full calendar means that on the days when I’m not going out after work, I tend to go to bed early. Which means I’m not keeping up to date with my money diary. I have a drawer full of reciepts to decipher :(
  • Things breaking. As I waited for my train last week, I ended up buying a pair of Skullcandy Lowrider headphones. After a 10 minute battle with the packaging (seriously, people were watching me on the platform) I got into them and enjoyed listening to music on the way back to Bristol. Fast forward to Friday morning. I was waiting for the lift at work, and went to take my headphones off. All of a sudden – crack! They had snapped in half right on the band. After a struggle with 3 different employees at HMV, I managed to get a refund, but now I’m really put off Skullcandy and HMV.
  • Work. I’m still temping at the same place as before, and whilst I am actually being spoken to now, I’m really not enjoying what I’m doing. My poor little brain is being underused, so I end up overthinking other stuff. Not good.
  • Doctors. As mentioned, I’ve been ill. The main things are fatigue, joint aches and headaches. But since all my blood tests (they took 5 or 6 vials, all to test different things!) came back “normal“, the doctors say there’s nothing wrong. Right. Because it’s totally normal for a 26 year old to be so exhausted all the time.

And finally, happy first anniversary to one of my favourite couples, Alec and Suz. Can’t believe its been a year since their awesome wedding in London :)

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