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I Hate Moving

This is just a test to see if my blog has moved over to it’s new host.

Honestly, I think moving from Chester to Bristol was easier than moving a blog.

Polaroid – Saved!

Oh YAY. I have a slight obsession with Polaroids lately, so I was far too excited when I read this article at the Independent yesterday. It might be a bit too much to hope for, but I’d love to see the prices go down for film. And perhaps now there is this possiblity of lots more film in the future, the prices on eBay will fall. (I’m an economics student, and whilst I understand why decreased/ended supply will obviously increase demand and therefore prices, it still REALLY annoys me to see film going for ~£15 a pack on eBay when it was only £10 new)

I’ll be taking much much more Polaroids now, hoorah!


As Ed and I walked out of the cinema with Munchausen by Proxy playing over the end credits, we started talking about how good the soundtrack was. Without much of a thought, I pulled my iPhone from my pocket, searched the iTunes store and tapped to buy the album, before I had even left the cinema. By the time we reached the motorway, we were listening tithe first track off the album.

It’s strange to think that even just a week before, I wouldn’t have been able to do that so easily. Two years ago, we just had rumours of this iPhone thing Apple were doing. Five years ago, I was still having to use dial up at home. Ten years ago – I was only just making my first steps onto t’Internets. (Ah, the days of Angelfire and Lycos)

Its the same with most pieces of technology. I first got my first mobile phone about ten years ago, and it was a Nokia NK402 from Orange – one of the first Pay as You Go phones. It had a black and white screen, a cover that only the front could be changed (I used to save up my babysitting money to buy cheap cheap ones from the bloke outside the Carphone Warehouse) and the old school version of Snake (Its never been the same since) I upgraded when I reached Sixth Form to a Nokia 3210, which had a lilac cover on with big daisies all over. That phone was thrown about so much, even dropped 10 feet onto a concrete floor of the Sports Hall. And it still worked perfectly fine. Now we have phones that can do everything for you – I can blog, tweet and even check my eBay results from my iPhone, but it barely lasts a day of full usage, it seems bigger than my old phones and I’m scared to lose it because it holds so much information on me and my friends.

I love how technology keeps us so updated on everything, and connected with people, but sometimes I wish I still had my brick sized Nokia with the front cover that you could change because it could probably survive a nuclear blast.

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