About Me, by Hayley aged 16 years and 6 months

I’ve been sorting through the last few boxes full of folders, and trying to find my bloody degree certificate as one agency wants to see a copy of it to make sure I wasn’t just dossing about for four years. (Erm, I was at uni. Of course I was dossing about!)
Everyone around my age had these horrible folders called National Records of Achievement which were burgundy vinyl with gold trims and writing on (in an attempt to look classy) I found my Record of Achievement, and thought I would have a read of it to see what I was like when I was 16.
Wow. The first part (the achievements bit) reads like a 13 year old wrote it. I am actually ashamed I wrote it.
Because I found it funny, and I thought that I probably wasn’t the only one to have written something similar to this under duress from their form tutors (honestly, I would have had no idea what to have written on there if I had been left to it)
These were both written in March/April 2000, so just over 8 years ago. I hope I have changed my writing style slightly since then!
Achievements and Experiences
Due to an excellent report this year and last year, I have attended two team management training courses. The first one was in November 1998 when I was still in Year 10. It was held at the Conway Centre and it lasted for one weekend. I was part of a group of 13 people who did the course with me. The second course was sponsored by Vauxhall and the aim was to produce a product and then to “sell” it to a group of customers. In this team of 7, my role in the group was as the accountant. At the end of the day, our group came first out of a total of five groups.
In June 1999, I spent two weeks on work experience at HMV. Although it wasn’t was I would have ideally wanted to do, I enjoyed the experience. My tasks as a “stockroom assistant” included stock taking and also using a computer database.
I was a part of the schools newspaper team. Until recently, I was the co-editor of the newspaper. My role included coordinating all reports and articles for printing and also, I had to ensure that any agreed deadlines were met by myself and by the other reporters.
My main hobbies include reading, traveling and surfing the Internet. I enjoy almost every genre of book and because of this, I have no particular favourite author. I enjoy developing my IT skills using my computer. I also enjoy finding information on the Internet.
I hope next year to continue my education into the Sixth Form here at Christleton if I am successful in my GCSE exams in May and June.

Personal Statement
During my five years at Christleton High School, I feel that I have developed into a hardworking and responsible person. This is shown by the way in which I strive to meet all deadlines for coursework and when I am given a task, I always complete it.
In the year and a half that I worked as part of the school newspaper team, I was able to develop such skills as keeping to deadlines, working as part of a team and working independently. This has developed my confidence and I am comfortable in the company of both older and younger people.
I regularly babysit for two young children aged five and two years. This is a huge responsibility but it is one that I enjoy.
I am always punctual to all of my lessons, I have a smart appearance and I have a good attendance record. I am always keen to learn new things and I am willing to take on any responsibilities.


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