The May Ball

I saw on someones blog yesterday that the Sugababes had pulled out of the May Ball this year, 6 hours before it begun and realised that this year, I hadn’t even thought about the May Ball, such an important event in past years for me and my friends. It prompted me to look back at previous years LJ reports and Flickr sets (both linked where possible) and – well, I amused myself at least. I thought I’d write a few things about each year and put a few pictures in to entertain you.

2003 [photos]
May Ball Poster 2003

I don’t seem to have any pictures uploaded from the first year ball, or have a suitable write up of the event, but I remember shouting abuse at David Sneddon, drinking £1 blackcurrant and getting kissed by Chezza.

2004 [photos]

May Ball Queue

This event started with the giant queue for tickets – stretching all the way out to the TFT building. We had been out the night before (what a good night that was – why do I have no entry about that night?) and got in at about 3am. The plan had been to wake at 6am and go get in the queue. So we woke up at 9, and ambled down to the union (me clutching a cup of tea) Claire had managed to get in the queue further up, and we managed to find people to buy us tickets (instead of having to queue) so we wandered over to Branwyns for a fryup.

Jax in Branwyns

Ha, here’s Jax that morning

This ball doesn’t seem to have much of a write up either (except for that bit linked at the top. Aww, cd:uk!) The above picture seems to sum up a lot of my second year life in that flat and its often referred to as the “dysfunctional family portrait”


I was away in Bristol working (Year in Employment Scheme) so didn’t make it to the ball. Can’t even remember what I did that weekend.

2006 [photos]

Ah, the final ball. We queued in the union for a whole day (not joking, we got there at 9am, we bought the tickets at nearly 8pm and never really left the union building) But it was fun, there was tea, laptops and knitting. Yeah.

Suz, Jax, Me & Claire (2006)

The actual ball, Jax came down (and was supposed to be my date, ha!) and we had the usual H&J shenanigans. I actually wrote a decent report on the ball this year.

Me and Jax (2006)

Ah, the amazing James pose.

May Balls seem to unfortunately be a part of my life that is now over, but I had such amazing times at the three that I did go to – it didn’t matter if you had an A or B ticket, just spending that time all dressed up with your friends was the best way to do it.


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