Old Photographs

I love old photos. My Dad went back home recently, and for whatever reason, picked up a massive stack of photos for me. Theres quite a few of my mum before she met my Dad, and pictures of their wedding and honeymoon. And some very amusing ones of me and my sister. (Seriously, we were cute kids. I don’t know what happened)
However, out of a stack of over 200 photos (I’ve not finished scanning them yet), I think this has to be my favourite:

Bear in mind that this photo was taken when my Mum was a teenager, so in the 1960’s, and has to be somewhere in North Wales. Mum is holding a monkey. I’m kinda shocked that it hasn’t been burnt at the stake for being a witch, or hung for being a Frenchman

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  1. sef November 29, 2009 / 10:01 pm

    i’m sure mum told me that this was in llandudno.