I Hate Moving

This is just a test to see if my blog has moved over to it’s new host.

Honestly, I think moving from Chester to Bristol was easier than moving a blog.

Why Would You Look?

A map showing where all my visitors have come from. Pretty.

I know these posts may seem like a bit of a cop out, because its not really a proper blog entry, but I’ve not done this before on this blog, and some of these terms are quite strange.

Yes, its time to look at my site statistics. Hooray! I’m looking from 1st May onwards, because it was around then I started blogging more regularly on the site.

54 people have gotten to from search engines. Some of the things they search for is pretty
innocuous, and is quite obvious someone was looking for me. Some of the other search terms though… what the hell were you looking for (and how did it come to my site?)

The full list is below this short break. I’ve split the list into 6 groups, Me, Music Downloads, Self Promotion, Fashion, Local, and Other Stuff. Oh, and my “hilarious” (nah) comments are next to them in italic. Enjoy.

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Oh Dear!

Well, the point of me installing WordPress here was so I would do some work on this website a bit more. Unfortunately the past few months have been a little crazy for me – I made the decision to move back to Bristol, and I finished my job on Friday 4th April. Exciting times!

Now I am a jobless bum, perhaps I will work on here a bit more. I seem to use my Twitter a lot more now.

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