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HtCC – Bibico

Modcloth sent out a newsletter a few weeks ago relating to Earth Day to promote their more ethically sourced and eco-friendly items, and at the bottom was a link to a brand called Bibico. I loved the few items that Modcloth had on their website, so thought I’d look up the companies own website. For some reason, I remember thinking “I bet this is a local brand”. Guess what, it is! Based in Somerset, it was started up by Nieves Ruiz, a Spanish designer who wanted to create an alternative label.

Audrey Dress (£60) – Bella Bow Skirt (£45) – Bow Waist-Tie Dress (£57)

Cassie Blouse (£40) – Lulabella Dress (£60) – Meadow Maxi Dress (£65)

Its always good to see more ethically based fashion lines easily available – I’m just as guilty as anyone for popping into Primark for a cheap fashion fix, but I’m trying to add in more well made pieces to my wardrobe – at least you can be a bit more confident that it will last a bit longer than a few washes!

Clothing at Tesco – Too Much Choice!

I was reading the weekly Money Saving Expert email (brilliant for finding out about discounts, etc) and noticed that Tesco had finally gotten their Clubcard stuff online (they may have before, I don’t know). They have a section in “Your Account” where you can see all vouchers ever issued and any unspent ones. Before I moved in with Alex, I hadn’t changed the address on my Clubcard and so hadn’t seen any vouchers in a year or so (I wasn’t getting much anyway, but now we do a LOT of shopping at tesco) I found that I had £15 of unspent vouchers. Score! Even better, Tesco are doing their exchange thing where they double the value. So, I’ve got £30 to spend on a site I knew about but hadn’t really spent much time on.

Here’s a few of the outfits I’ve created – each top/bottom combination comes to about £30, and none of the dresses are over £16 – so I could get 2!


The “Kate” dress (£16) 2in1 Jumper Dress (£18 £9) F&F Dress (£14)

top skirt

Vintage Ruffle Blouse (£16) Check Skirt (£18)

jumper shorts

Knitted Jumper (£14 £10.50) Check Shorts (£16)

jumper pegleg

Oversized Pointelle Jumper (£18 £9) Jacquard Peg Leg Trousers (£16)

The only problem now is that I have too much choice!

HtCC: GiGi Vintage

Let me tell you a secret.

I hate vintage shopping.

I’m not really a fan of most kinds of clothes shopping to be honest, with snotty shop assistants implying you can’t afford a £10 top so why the hell are you cluttering up their shop with your unsightly presence (Is that just me then? Oh.) or the depressing situation with sizing (how am I a 12 in some shops, and a 16 in others?!) but vintage shopping just sends the fear into me. I feel so out of place when I go in to browse, I end up walking out again most of the time.

Another problem with vintage shopping is that a show can sometimes appear to be more of a jumble sale at the village hall than a collection of carefully chosen items (there’s a vintage shop on Park Street in Bristol that is just rails and rails of STUFF. Not ideal if you’re even a little claustrophobic!)

Which is why I was happy to find GiGi Vintage. Cute items, nicely styled, and prices that aren’t too crazy – so they’re closer to Topshop than Primark, but unlike either of those two shops, these pieces have lasted longer – when was the last time that you bought something from a high street store thats lasted more than 5 years?!

Here’s a few of my favourite things, but go on the site, theres so much more!

It’s All Navy” is a cute high waisted skirt which at the time of me looking was reduced down from £22 to £8. Bargain!

The “Leather Spinster” high waisted leather skirt (£45) is cute, although I can probably see someone else wearing this than me!

You usually can’t go wrong with a Laura Ashley dress (£38), especially with floral and bows all over!

I Know You ‘Sea’ Me“(£35) is a gorgeous mini dress which I’m so tempted by.

Anthing nautical is going to catch my eye which is why I liked the “Stripe It Rich” (£30)

I’m not really a playsuit kind of person, but the “Denim Diva” (£40) is quite tempting!

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