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“A Life Changing Sum”


Watching some crappy quiz show on Sky at the weekend (“Don’t Forget The Lyrics”…I wasn’t watching it really, I was at my computer), they used the phrase “life changing amount of money” regarding their top prize of £250,000. I thought this was a strange phrase, because “life changing amount” can mean a lot to different people.

I asked my Twitter people what they would consider to be life changing, and here are their responses:

pmsumner: For me, enough to pay off debts and leave me able to do something I want to rather than have to for work. So maybe £75-£100k?
feebeestar: anything from 15000 upwards
thebuxt: 250,000? well I would say it could be life changing but i think it all depends on how much you have before & the life you live
spiky_simon: half a million to make a big difference, I guess. Though wouldn’t turn my nose up at less!
laurakalbag: a few grand. Enough to rent our own flat would be life-changing for me.
nickbrompton: to completely make me change the way I live would take 5 mil I reckon. Cos then I could give up working for money
adurbe: how much money is lifechanging depends what you spend it on
jlancashire: I think I would need a few mil, maybe 5?

For me, I think quarter of a million would be enough to clear all of my debts and buy a nice house. Pretty life changing, I’m sure you’ll agree.
But I would still have to think about bills, and still would have to work.
A more “life changing” amount would be closer to a million pounds (at least) – I wouldn’t have to worry about work, and bills could be paid straight away. I’d be able to pay off my dad’s mortgage, and give my sister some money towards a house. I could treat my friends without thinking about where the money for that would be coming from.

I guess I’d better start doing the lottery a bit more often then.

Text Speak

I’ve recently been chatting with someone, and whilst they’re very entertaining and nice and other such things (that I’m not going to go into detail about), the thing that is putting me off slightly is that he uses text speak.
I know, I feel quite shallow, but I dislike text speak so much! I could never shorten text messages into ridiculous jumbles of letters, and I fully admit that it takes me quite a while to decode some of the texts I’ve seen from my younger cousins.
Of course, I have shortened certain words to fit into the 160 character limit of a text (and 140 limit of Twitter) but whilst I can understand the space limitations on these items, using text in MSN/GTalk chats and Facebook statuses just drives me crazy!
So, dear readers, could you handle talking to someone who types in text speak? Is that enough of a reason to not date?

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