Text Speak

I’ve recently been chatting with someone, and whilst they’re very entertaining and nice and other such things (that I’m not going to go into detail about), the thing that is putting me off slightly is that he uses text speak.
I know, I feel quite shallow, but I dislike text speak so much! I could never shorten text messages into ridiculous jumbles of letters, and I fully admit that it takes me quite a while to decode some of the texts I’ve seen from my younger cousins.
Of course, I have shortened certain words to fit into the 160 character limit of a text (and 140 limit of Twitter) but whilst I can understand the space limitations on these items, using text in MSN/GTalk chats and Facebook statuses just drives me crazy!
So, dear readers, could you handle talking to someone who types in text speak? Is that enough of a reason to not date?


  1. Kate says

    I’m not sure I’d go as far as to say it’s a reason not to date but I certainly don’t like it. I think if people use ‘txt speak’ when it’s not necessary it is a reflection of their intelligence (…or lack of) which is why I am not attracted to people who IM me using a lot of internet jargon & shortened words. It’s not that difficult to type out the full word so I really don’t understand why people insist on ‘txt speak’ outside of txt messaging.

  2. Emma says

    I LOATHE txtspk. I expect it’s fine if you’re fifteen and pepper your online chatting with LOLZ and animated teddybears waving but otherwise, no, I don’t think it’s acceptable. maybe you could casually ask him to explain what he means when he uses it. I know when I’ve had profiles on various sites I’ve specifically said i don’t like txtspk. Doesn’t always put people off though :-/

  3. sef says

    a BOY?! hehe. will he be your date instead of helen for the wedding? gaz WILL be jealous.
    I abhor text speak big sis. but it’s fixable. craig’s little sister insists on using it but after i shouted at her for it, she texts correctly now. win for me.
    shout and fix.

  4. Bel says

    Text speak is a perfectly good reason not to date someone, it’s irritating and whilst is may be quicker to use, why must we rush so much, if you’re important enough to be texting/messaging then surely you’re important enough for them to use proper English!!!!


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