Pinning My Hair

Aussie set their Angels a challenge recently where we were asked to pin to Pinterest things that made us think of Aussie – not just the products but everything around the brand. We were sent pinboards and a few things that were related to us (I was sent the cutest recipe book to put my own recipes in) I don’t use Pinterest, but I couldn’t resist putting together some photos from the amazing times I’ve had with Aussie.

Cupcakes and champagne have always featured at events, but more than that, the events and challenges that we’ve had have given me experiences I wouldn’t normally have had and introduced me to some of the most amazing bloggers I now call friends.

The only thing that saddened me a little when looking back at these photos is realising the people I could have been talking to much sooner instead of hiding in the corner – being shy is never good!

Thank you Aussie for the amazing times so far – I’m already looking forward to what’s next!

Why I Deleted My Pinterest (And Why You Can’t Pin My Photos)

One of the most popular sites at the moment is Pinterest. I’ve blogged about it previously, because I think its a really good idea. It’s a nice site to be able to “pin” images that you want to keep, and its encouraged to keep the original link to an image rather than a random Tumblr account or We Hear It as the source. (Unsure of where something is from? Check out this post I wrote about tracing images)

But last week, I deleted my account and installed Liam’s Block Pinterest WordPress plugin. Why? If I think its a good idea, why would I discourage sharing my items on there?

Firstly, I’ve read a few articles recently that have looked at the Pinterest T&C’s about the images that are pinned. This post “Why I Tearfully Deleted My Pinterest Inspiration Boards” goes in to much more detail, but basically, the blogger looked into the Terms of Use and found that while the pin etiquette says that you shouldn’t self promote, the Terms of Use says that you agree that you are solely responsible for all items you pin – which assumes that you have asked permission to share the image.

Even if you ignore that pin etiquette, and pin your own stuff, the Terms of Use mean that with everything that you pin, you’re giving Pinterest the right to sell “and otherwise exploit” your images. I’ll admit that I don’t know very much in terms of the legalities of this, but that just does not sound good.

The terms also put any legal repercussions onto you. So if you pin an image and the owner decides to sue, you would not only have to pay for your own defence, but also Pinterest’s costs.

Secondly, I’ve noticed a massive increase in spam accounts – and while thats not so noticeable on other networks, its quite annoying on Pinterest

Finally…I just don’t use it. Thats probably why I was so annoyed with all the spam accounts popping up because each one meant another email landing in my inbox – thankfully I have a filter set up to mark them as read otherwise I’d be too excited about all the new emails I was receiving!

Perhaps I’m just being a bit paranoid. If Pinterest respond to the many, many blog posts I’m seeing about this sort of thing quickly, perhaps I’ll reopen my account. But for now, its just another trend I’m happy to avoid.


I know that the more popular system to use to collate images for most people is Tumblr, but personally I prefer Pinterest. Why? I like that there is only one layout available, and that you can only post images (not text or videos) – its less about another version of a blog and more about collecting images from around the web. Pinterest describes itself as “a virtual pinboard” which makes sense!

You can separate items into different “boards” or collections – as you can see in the above image, mine vary quite a bit, so its easy to find something I liked previously. I “pin” any clothes that I want to wear, bits of stationary that I need (I have such an unhealthy obsession with stationary and organisation!) and things I want to eat. Yum.

Pinterest seems a bit more grown up than Tumblr to me – its difficult to explain why though! Perhaps its because of the “Rules To Pin By” – pretty much rules to keep to for anything you do online. Be nice, don’t spam and give credit.

Theres now an iPhone app available (of course!) which should make pinning less about items found online and more about snapping “real world” items that you love.

My boards can be found at /hayles – let me know your usernames if you have an account. If you’d like one, let me know, I think I have some invites left!

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