Why I Deleted My Pinterest (And Why You Can’t Pin My Photos)

One of the most popular sites at the moment is Pinterest. I’ve blogged about it previously, because I think its a really good idea. It’s a nice site to be able to “pin” images that you want to keep, and its encouraged to keep the original link to an image rather than a random Tumblr account or We Hear It as the source. (Unsure of where something is from? Check out this post I wrote about tracing images)

But last week, I deleted my account and installed Liam’s Block Pinterest WordPress plugin. Why? If I think its a good idea, why would I discourage sharing my items on there?

Firstly, I’ve read a few articles recently that have looked at the Pinterest T&C’s about the images that are pinned. This post “Why I Tearfully Deleted My Pinterest Inspiration Boards” goes in to much more detail, but basically, the blogger looked into the Terms of Use and found that while the pin etiquette says that you shouldn’t self promote, the Terms of Use says that you agree that you are solely responsible for all items you pin – which assumes that you have asked permission to share the image.

Even if you ignore that pin etiquette, and pin your own stuff, the Terms of Use mean that with everything that you pin, you’re giving Pinterest the right to sell “and otherwise exploit” your images. I’ll admit that I don’t know very much in terms of the legalities of this, but that just does not sound good.

The terms also put any legal repercussions onto you. So if you pin an image and the owner decides to sue, you would not only have to pay for your own defence, but also Pinterest’s costs.

Secondly, I’ve noticed a massive increase in spam accounts – and while thats not so noticeable on other networks, its quite annoying on Pinterest

Finally…I just don’t use it. Thats probably why I was so annoyed with all the spam accounts popping up because each one meant another email landing in my inbox – thankfully I have a filter set up to mark them as read otherwise I’d be too excited about all the new emails I was receiving!

Perhaps I’m just being a bit paranoid. If Pinterest respond to the many, many blog posts I’m seeing about this sort of thing quickly, perhaps I’ll reopen my account. But for now, its just another trend I’m happy to avoid.


  1. Harriet says

    I have to admit I am hanging on in there on pinterest hoping they’ll change the Ts & Cs after all the bad publicity they’ve been having. UI love pinterest and really don’t want to give it up, but if they don’t I am going to have to because I don’t wanna be sued either!

  2. liloo says

    uninstalled it the day i installed it. not for me.
    the thing is i am quite content with twitter and that keeps me more than occupied
    in fact i dont even have the time to devote as much attention as i should and i dont respond enough to my timeline

  3. Emma Computergirl says

    I dont have a pinterest, to be honest I just dont have the time to start another thing. Blog(s), facebook, twitter, youtube etc take up a lot of time. I thought they must be making money off it somehow- affiliate links (which is fair enough, nothing is free). However I dont like things to be owned by others, or free to the world! I try to mark all my pictures. If things are transparent then fine, but lots of T&Cs scream hidden agenda… will see,!

  4. britishbeautyblogger says

    I’m sticking with it for a little while longer but am becoming more and more doubtful about it. Not least because it’s as easy as anything for someone to look at my boards and copy the ideas for features (I am a beauty writer for press/online). That might sound silly, but if I use Pinterest as a creative outlet which I do, all the pics are set up looking lovely and it’s only a question of finding a price and stockist and that’s a beauty feature done that someone else can just use with no work at all. I probably need to keep that creativity as feature proposals instead of ready-done work for someone else to borrow. I worry about this a lot. And now that you mention the photographic rights and our responsibility for them, I am even more worried. I will give it a month or so to see but am seriously considering deleting whole account,

  5. Emily says

    Great post! I’ve been worrying about Pinterest a little bit since I read about their dodgy T&Cs and after reading this post I’ve decided to go ahead and delete mine. Like you, I also just don’t use it very much so there’s no point risking getting in some sort of trouble for something I find generally annoying.

  6. SJP says

    This post fill me with dread a little, as I love Pintrest and find it really useful, more for bookmarking everything I find interesting, from outfit inspiration to DIY ideas. If I actually used the bookmarks on my web browser, I’d never be able to find anything as I’d spend time searching through endless lists. Pintrest offers a nice visual reference, though I am concerned bout the ramifications of being sued! x

  7. Ruth Crilly says

    Have just set mine up but now considering deleting after reading this! I must also install that plugin as soon as my site’s back up and running – I have loads of images that I only have permission to use if kept strictly to my own website. Hmm. All food for thought! Very interesting post, thank you!


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