Organising Christmas

I love a good list. Who doesn’t? At this time of year, it feels like you need a list for everything. A list of cards to send, one of presents to buy, one for all the yummy food to cook, and of course, one to Santa because I have been a good girl this year, honest!

I’ve blogged previously about how my iPad has been super useful in terms of blogging, but if you’re like me, and spend a lot of time out of the house, the iPad is brilliant for trying to get everything done without anyone at home being able to see what you’ve been buying. Sneaky, yes, but when you want to keep something a surprise, the iPad is perfect for that.

I have the normal sized iPad, but after Alex came home with one earlier in the week, I can’t help but eye up the iPad mini at Carphone Warehouse – it’s a perfect size for slipping into your handbag (which I have tested by trying to sneak off with the new addition to the house, of course!)

My favourite apps for list making would be ones I have talked about before – either the built in Reminders app (which can sync from your iPhone to your iPad, meaning your to do/to buy/to eat list is always up to date) or Office HD (which is great for working on things saved in Google Drive), but the best part about the iPad would be the apps that are available to shop at various sites – and even if the site you want to use doesn’t have an iPad app, at least you can shop as normal on their site.

Now I know how to organise myself about Christmas, perhaps I actually should start thinking about it!

Written in collaboration, but that doesn’t stop me writing more lists of things that need doing

Organising Myself

I’ve loved Filofaxes since I was a little girl. Who didn’t have a Fun Fax at some point? I loved filling out all the different sections, and for some reason ended up with a bit of an obsession with address books – I’d buy maybe 3 new address books each year (or more) and spend a happy evening copying over all the information that I needed – and deciding who to leave out.

Of course, since I have my iPhone, I don’t need to keep a physical address book, but I find it so much easier to write events and stuff down in a real diary rather than on my iPhone. I can add in little random notes and scribble down to do’s each day (and then feel ashamed if they’re not ticked off quickly)

It seems that having a Filofax is quite a popular thing at the moment – it feels like (almost) everyone is turning away from Moleskines, and turning to an organiser that allows the user to choose how they set it up. (See how Kirsty at Belle Fantaisie and Gala Darling have theirs). This article from the Telegraph goes into a bit more detail as well.

I chose a pocket sized Metropol in Raspberry (oddly, I bought this on the same day Gala published her article saying she had bought the bigger version!). Personally, I’ve got mine like this:

Things I need to get to quickly – my debit and credit cards, business cards, my lift pass and my bus ticket each day.

I have plastic wallets for my timesheet, a zipped one to keep little things safe, and a card holder.

I’ve taken out most of the information sheets because I can Google anything I need.
When I bought my Filofax, it came with a July 10 – Dec 11 calendar, so I took out all of the 2011 stuff for now. The address tabs are gone, with just the numbered ones left, labeled with various things.

I chose the sticky notes pack, and am looking for the mirror (because I’m that vain) to go in. I keep my passport tucked in the back – it’s my only ID, and you never know when you’ll be whisked off somewhere (a girl can dream!)

The Filofax is perfect for the obsessive planner type like myself, as it let’s you see a whole week (for example) at once. It works in any situation that the iPhone wont (obviously not underwater, because the paper would get soggy, but then the phone would explode if I did that anyway). I can scribble, note, doodle – things I can’t do on my phone easily. I can pencil things in and write what didn’t happen.

My Filofax was only £21
, and I’ve probably spent another £15 on extras, but its nice to know that if this one starts to look a bit battered, I can easily buy a new one, or if I need more bits of it, its easily refillable (Paperchase is right by my office, which is always a danger!)

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