Cupcake Fondue

Oh. My. Word. Cupcake fondue. CUPCAKE. FONDUE. If you’ve ever read a girly blog in the past year or so, you’ll probably know that bloggers love cupcakes. Like, more than a friend.

I honestly can’t see anything bad with this idea, who doesn’t love dipping food into food? Crazy people, thats who. And they just fling poo about. Anyway. If you would like to come and make this for me, theres a recipe here on Pintsize Social, along with an interview from the amazing genius who came up with it, Amanda from Bake It Pretty.

I need to lie down after thinking about so much sugary goodness.

Oh, I Have A Blog?

Has it really been that long since my last post? Shocking really.

It seems that for the past month or so, I haven’t really spent much time in Bristol, as I’ve been visiting friends and attending weddings. (OK, just the one wedding, but it was really super). I’ve not even been on Facebook as much normal, and mostly visiting Twitter and Google Reader.

I’ve got a few things I need to post about, such as the aforementioned wedding, my lovely new iPhone (and why O2 are poop), and other various bits and pieces I have been just too damn lazy to write about.

In the meantime, here is a lovely lovely surprise I recieved at work today from the wonderful Suz. Lady Cake style Cupcakes! By post! Amazing.

Mmm, Food


Since Asda is good/evil enough to have Haagen-Dazs on special offer (£2 for a tub, om nom nom nom), we seem to have accumulated enough ice cream for a small army (or four girls)
My favourite of these flavours is the Dulce du Leche, which is a caramelly swirled ice cream, and is possibly better than the ice creams from the Ice Cream Factory. I was bored interested to find out what exactly this deliciousness was, so it was off to Wikipedia, where I found that it is a milk based syrup, and is far too delicious (OK, so Wikipedia didn’t say that last bit. I did.)

Anyway, I thought about making it myself from this recipe, but kept forgetting to buy the condensed milk. Max came home yesterday and brought me a present of a can of condensed milk. What can I say, I’m easily pleased. So I popped the can in a saucepan of water, jabbed some holes in the top and waited. After a few hours, I was bored of waiting, so I had to open it up.

This was the top of the can, which looked a bit disappointing. I scooped it out into a separate bowl, and then I hit this:

Delicious caramelly goodness!
I ended up whisking both bowls together, which made the dulce du lece slightly more runny – ideal, because I want to put this onto ice cream.
I don’t think this can really be called cooking, but its damn yummy anyway!

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