Always The Sun

I almost feel guilty posting these photos. The majority of outfit photos I’ve seen lately have been taken with a snowy background, but in Bristol. we’ve had reasonably nice weather.


Top: Oasis | Skirt: ASOS* | Shoes: ASOS* | Glasses c/o LensWay

It’s still pretty damn cold here though, so I’ve been layering up – I feel a bit Michelin Man with three pairs of tights on! I love this skirt from ASOS, it’s as scarily pink in real life as it is in the photo!

This weekend has been reasonably productive for me – I’ve gotten lots of little jobs around the house done as I’ve been home alone. Two trips to Ikea, and I have enough storage to make things look nice and tidy, along with the beginnings of a herb garden. This is what happens when you get old. You get excited about gardening.

So, what have you been up to this weekend?

HtCC: London Love Letters

I’m not even going to make any sort of funny sort of “lol, did you know something was happening in London this month?” comment. Of course you do. We’ve been glued to our TV’s and Twitter to find out the latest news about our amazing athletes, starting with the opening ceremony. (HOW AWESOME WAS THAT. I had to buy the album “Isles of Wonder”* as soon as I could on iTunes, I especially like the second “disc” which is the music the countries walked out to.)

While I haven’t really gone for any of the typical merchandise, the London Love Letters* collection from Oasis did catch my eye. Perhaps its not really about the Olympics, but I really love these detailed line drawings by Lizzie Prestt showing instantly recognisable scenes of London life.

I love the image on thisdress with Big Ben on (£70)* but I know that the shape wouldn’t be very flattering on me.

Unlike this street scene skirt (£50)*! I love this skirt, with the little streets of colour on there.

You can probably spot a bit of a colour theme with this collection with this pink dress with landmarks all over (£80)* – another one that looks like it would be a good shape for me.

I love that the collection isn’t just about clothing with things like this large tote bag with a view towards Tower Bridge (£18)*

These notebooks in white* or pink* (both £10) would be perfect for writing down your favourite London spots

The final coloured item in this collection is this blue scarf with white London landmarks printed on which is £20* – now can you see the colour theme?

Whilst these aren’t available from Oasis (as far as I know), I love the Paperself London skyline* false eyelashes (which are only £9.72 on Amazon – who knew Amazon would sell Paperself lashes*?!)

HtCC: Dresses for Cycling

1. Almari – £75
* 2. Therapy – £30 * 3. Phase Eight – £89 * 4. Hobbs – £169.99 * 5. Sodamix – £22 * 6. Phase Eight – £99 * 7. Oasis – £65 *

As I look at finding a new job (as my contract comes to an end soon), the thing I am most excited about is that no longer will I have to spend most of my life on a bus. (First) Buses are horrible. They smell, the drivers are rude, they don’t know where they’re going, the buses leak scuzzy water on you (that happened today, annoyingly) and they’re about as comfortable as a skateboard made by stapling wheels to a plank of wood going down a rocky cliff.

Unfortunately, I live a few miles out of Bristol centre, so buses are the main form of transport for me. I can’t help daydreaming about getting a beautiful bicycle though and being all cool and that cycling about. (If it weren’t for those huge hills Bristol is famous for, I’d want to cycle into the centre!)

Previously, I’ve blogged about beautiful Beg Bicycles and pretty Pashley’s, so when I was contacted about the Sky Ride that’s happening this weekend, it made me think about bicycles, and by extension, what to wear. I know that these aren’t the most practical of dresses, but since when were dresses about practicality?

I really love the idea of Sky Ride – closing off some roads in a city to allow people to just cycle freely, without worrying about crazy drivers (another thing that puts me off quite a bit!) I’m going to be taking part in the Bath ride this weekend, which I’m quite excited about – let me know if you’re going too!

It’s been a few years since I rode a bike – it can’t be that difficult, can it? There must be a good reason theres the old saying…

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