I wrote some resolutions last year, but to be honest, I didn’t hold out much hope as I’ve never had much luck with them before. However I’m looking back at that post and realise I did do quite a bit of them!

  • Job – How descriptive. I found a great contract job in May, and am still there, so yay.
  • Let the little things go – This isn’t one you can say “Yes, I’ve done that now, I can just revert to normal”. But I think I’ve done OK so far. Cutting yourself off from people is never easy, but it is necessary in some cases.
  • Improve my commenting – I did really well for a few months, but then it slacked off a bit. (A lot.)
  • Take more photos – I know its a bit of a dividing app, but because of Instagram, I did take a lot more photos this year. I also got my little camera fixed (um, 10 months after I noticed the fault) and managed to replace the 50mm lens thanks to a lovely random person on Twitter selling me theirs. (Yay Twitter!)
  • Record more – I increased my blog posts to 4 a week (well…aimed…usually met that target), I took more photos, but I gave up recording how many books I read after the first few weeks.
  • Appreciate everything – Again, not a measurable thing really. I hope I’ve done this!

So, with (I think) a reasonably good success rate, I opened up my notebook and started scribbling down things I want to do and want to make happen in 2012.

Quite a lot of mine revolve around blogging and that sort of thing. The photo above explains quite well really. I want to go on to bigger and better things – a strange way to put it really, but I want to make this blog better.

  • I want to become more confident in my dealings and ~*relationship building*~ both professionally and personally. I’m so useless at this.
  • Develop the side projects – this is going to need the previous goal to work, because I will have to ask people for their professional help in this. Argh.
  • Get at least 1000 bloggers listed on the bloggers map – I love the map, I love that its getting people to meet up together! I always want more people to join – so please blog, tweet, Facebook  – just tell someone, ok?
  • Meet more bloggers and Twitter people. Always an ongoing goal, always a lot of fun.
  • I really like this resolution – enjoying the view without help from an iPhone – where the author intends to spend 30 minutes a day disconnected without electronics. This sounds like it would be easy – I spend about 2, 2 1/2 hours a day on a bus, but I am often idly looking at Twitter, or blogs, or whatever and not actually using the time productively.
  • Take at least 1 picture a day on Instagram. Its just easier to use that app, and to keep them all in a certain location.
  • Do Race for Life again. Like that wasn’t going to happen.
  • Go on holiday – a proper holiday!

Hmm, thats a bit of a list! What are your resolutions?


Normally at this time of year, I have a look back at what I did over the past 12 months. Except…well, this year, I don’t feel like I’ve actually gotten much done. I’ve barely taken any photos and end the year fatter, poorer and unemployed.

Instead, here are my resolutions for 2011.

Job Not much else to say here. I need a job, because being at home (OK, so I was only at home for a few days before we went to California, and was ill for most of that time) is SO boring. Also unexpected trips to New York don’t really help the bank balance.

Let the little things go And sometimes even the big things. I’ve found myself getting too wound up lately by peoples responses to the random bits I mention about my life – I need to remember that its not my problem, its theirs!

Improve my commenting. Amy’s 500 comments self-challenge back in October made me realise I am so crap at commenting on other peoples sites. Its not that I’m not reading – but I’ll click the link to a post and have it open in my tabs for a few days until I forget what I was going to comment. I dislike leaving non descript comments – “nice outfit! [blog address here]” – because it doesn’t feel like I’ve read the post properly. At least, thats what it would probably seem like to the blog owner. Am I just babbling now?

Take more photos! This one is starting to feel like something I say all the time. I used to love taking photos of EVERYTHING when I was at Uni, but I don’t know, I just don’t seem to go out and do that much any more to take photos of. That, and my camera situation is a bit pants at the moment – my compact Sony has an intermittent error with its stabilization sensor (Thankfully I got the extended warranty – always get extra insurance!) and my favourite 50mm lens for my Canon SLR currently looks like this:

Yeah. You know how you think “it will be fine!” in your carry on? It won’t. Especially when people keep knocking your bag off the trolley. I had hinted to various family members that I’d really like a replacement for Christmas, but instead I got pretty sparkly things. (Its back on my wishlist if anyone is interested ;)) At least it wasn’t the kit lens though I guess.) Perhaps I should use this opportunity to learn how to use my camera properly – yes, I’m one of those people with a big camera and use it just on the automatic setting. Thats why I loved the 50mm lens, it makes things look good without trying. (Oh, I’m good with the English, me)

Perhaps I should change this one to record more – recording what I do via photos, blogging, even noting down the books I read (I’ve never done this one surprisingly, I’d be interested to see how many books I read in a year – considering I’ve finished 3 books in 2 days, and had two of those on the go at the same time (not an unusual occurrence!))

Appreciate everything more Perhaps this is linked to some of the previous resolutions.

What are your resolutions?

So That Was Festive

New Years. A time for getting together with some of your closest friends, and ending up in random places like a scout hut, hanging out of a window waving sparklers and Rowton. Except this year I’m all alone in Bristol, propped up on my bed and listening to Radio 1 as I drink raspberry Absolut and lemonade.

I’m in bed because for the past week or so, I have been in varying amounts of pain with my back. I say varying because somedays (like yesterday) it has twinged a few times at work, but I’m sat down most of the time so its not so bad. And then theres days like Christmas Day, where I had to go to bed at 9.15pm because even sitting down in a chair in the pub was causing pain after a few minutes.

I do realise I’ve been whining about my back to anyone that will listen (and a lot of people who didn’t want to) but IT REALLY HURTS.

So besides the back problems, my festive season hasn’t been so bad. I traveled up to Chester the Friday before Christmas to see my Feet, to go shopping with Bel, to eat lots of cakes with Bryn and Faye, to drink Stella at the Twirl till 1am and to visit my Mums grave. Its been 3 years, and its still weird. I doubt it will ever be a normal thing really.

Christmas Day was pretty odd, because it was our first Christmas in the pub. I ended up both working on the bar and helping to prepare dinner but I was wearing a spangletastic dress and beautiful shoes so it wasn’t all bad. I made everyone in the bar watch Wallace and Gromit with me and they all were laughing and cheering along with the show – perhaps its a local thing, but I just don’t expect men my Dads age to be loving W&G!

I’ve been in work the rest of the time, which means drinking lots of random German coffee, playing lots of games and watching things on iPlayer. Oh, and fixing the occasional computer.

I’ll be doing one of my usual yearly reviews soon, but in general, 2008 has been a surprising year where I’ve made some rash decisions that have turned out pretty damn well.
I hope that 2008 has been exactly what you wanted (and needed) and that 2009 is even better!

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