TiLT – 9th April 2009

I’ve been so busy again since my last post! So much to update you all on, but for now, here are the things I love this week.

Roast Dinners – Mmm! Last weekend, I invited some friends that I went to uni with over and cooked a big roast lamb dinner. When you live with one other person, it seems a bit pointless to do a big big meal! The dinner was yummy, and then we had this to munch on while we watched silly movies:

Three layers of sweets and cakes, yum! Ally made the cakes on the bottom tier, which were decorated in a springtime theme, and those things on the second tier are sweet sushi! My first attempt, which was ok, but not amazing presentation wise! (Also, very excited to finally use my cake stand that Louise and Nathan gave me for my birthday!)

New Dresses – I looooove dresses, and have been searching everywhere for the perfect little black satin dress. And finally I found one – on eBay of all places! Here’s a bad photo of me wearing said dress:

I can’t wait to have an event to wear it to!

End of Lent – Squeal! 3 days to go! I’ve held out quite well from chocolate – to be honest I didn’t think I could do it! How have you done with your Lent promises?

Of course, the end of Lent brings with it a long weekend for us all – what fun things are you doing this weekend? I’ll be shopping, “helping” at my Dads new pub and teaching myself to cross stitch!

Lent 12/40

So it’s the second Sunday of Lent, time for a catchup on how it is going.

This has been the most difficult thing I’ve given up, worse than when I gave up alcohol in the summer of 2005. Even worse than I gave up bread for Lent one year (I cracked in a week!)

However, I’ve managed to last this long without having chocolate. Which doesn’t sound like much, but normally I’d have chocolate every other day at least. I’ve found that because I’m banning myself from having chocolate, the mere mention of it is setting me off drooling! 

I was on the train to work on Thursday, and someone in my carriage had something that smelled deliciously hot, chocolatey and cakey. The thought of a hot, gooey chocolate cake took over my mind and I couldn’t concentrate on anything for a while!

I realise that the above paragraph makes me sound a little crazy, but I’ve found that when I try to give something up, even if its temporary, that thing takes over my head!

One of the guys at work pointed out that the days between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday was more than 40 days, so we had an argument (as usual) and looked it up. Apparently you’re allowed to lapse on Sundays during Lent, as each Sunday is a “mini Easter”. I think thats cheating!

One of the things I’ve been enjoying this week is thinking about the chocolates I’m going to gorge myself on as soon as it reaches midnight on Easter Sunday. Top of my list at the moment is this bad boy, a giant Lindt bunny from House of Fraser. Look at his deliciousness. Om nom nom indeed.

Lent: 1/40

Today is the first day of Lent, and I’ve already had my willpower tested.
I drink a LOT of tea. And everytime I make the tea (and a big cafitiere of coffee for the boys), I have to stand at the coffee machine and look at this:

It takes 3 servings of hot water to fill my mug, and about 8 to fill the cafetierre. So i’ll be standing next to that tempting machine for about 5 minutes every 90 minutes or so.
My tea intake has increased quite a bit today-everytime I wanted chocolate, I had a brew. Eeeeeeexcellent.

Also today in Sainsburys, it seemed like everything on offer had some sort of chocolate part to it. I was sad.

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