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Further Fashion Mistakes – The OnePiece

Norway, Norway, Norway.

No wonder Kenya would piss all over you.

(Its a happy coincidence that this item is from Norway, it gave me a great excuse to watch this again!)

I’ve mentioned before about the Slanket (I’m still waiting for the inventer to just go LULZ YOU BOUGHT THIS SHIT AT £20 WHEN WE BOUGHT IT IN IKEA FOR £3) but this…well, they were created when the designers had a hangover, and felt like wearing joggers and a hoodie was TOO MUCH WORK. No, seriously.

They all agreed on the merits of the sweatsuit for recovering from a night on the town. But without tight waistband and the pressure to go jogging, Thomas said. Knut had been staring at a light bulb when, eureka, it all became clear: why not sew together a hooded sweatshirt and a pair of sweatpants? Lets make it so big that no one in their right mind would think of working out

Not only is the product something that I could easily see sold on QVC’s lesser cousins, the biggest worry I have is how do you go the loo? There isn’t a second zip (as far as I can see) so both the boys and girls are forced to get a bit nudey just to do a wee.

The product images on the website are bad enough as well. Just take a look at these:

I have no words for this one
Where is T-Pain from this picture?
“How can we become more unattractive to the opposite sex? Pull stupid faces and wear these? OK then!”
That is a look of fear in the dogs eyes. It’s OK puppy, I don’t think they make onesies in your size.
This reminds me of bathing costumes from the early part of the 20th Century
This is probably the douchyest (thats a word, hush) photo of them all

If after these photos, you still want to buy one (why?!), they’re at from £80.

Betterware, better, yeah!

A few weeks into my extended stay at the Boys house (which sort of turned into me moving in, oops), a magazine dropped onto the doormat.

When I saw it was a Betterware catelogue, I may have squealed with glee. Who knew that to get quality crap delivered to your door for a low low price, you just needed to move to the suburbs?
I’ve mentioned before about my love of these sort of things, and have even blogged about the JML love over at Sarahs site, EssBeeVee. When the catelogue dropped through my door though, I knew I had to take some pictures of the amazing items available. (This was before I got my amazing scanner, otherwise you would have had beautiful versions of the products. Sigh. Next time.)

Stop looking like a massive slut in the office, and get these odd little bibs to attach to your bustenhalter! Er, no thanks. I’d rather just give everyone a good eyeful. Also, if the lady in the picture didn’t have the modesty panel, then she’s just a skank, that top is cut below the bra line!

Trying to cut down on the portions? Or are you a massive loner and have no friends? Buy this tiny frying pan and accept that you’ll be found half eaten by Alsatians. (Having said that, I just want one of these because its small and cute. Such a girl.)

The more you look through these catelogues though, the more you end up going “God, that is a bloody good idea. Why didn’t I think of that before?” Long handled spoons, to get the last bit out of the jar. Brilliant (although a tiny spatula would work even better and would be small and cute, therefore guarenteeing I would buy it)

Mini funnel. See above. (Although the suggested uses are crap. My uses for it would be to fill up the hipflasks. Yes, plural.)

Hide your keys to the house in a really fake looking rock that you’d probably put near the house. Yeah, not the best idea. (Hint to robbers: look for the plastic looking rock. To test if its real, throw it at a window! If its real, then you wont need the keys to get in.)

It looks like Cath Kidston threw up in this bathroom after a particlary dodgy curry. Ew.

So for some reason, I found myself recently in the Costa in Shepton Mallet reading a magazine that came free with The People. And one of their crap tips (man, I LOVE me a good crap tip) was if shoes were rubbing your toes, then wrap your toes in bubble wrap and it would be super comfy. This is the deluxe version of that tip obviously.

Betterware does have a website but…I don’t know. Its just one of those things to me that need the catalogue. Theres something so satisfying about catalogues that you just can’t get from viewing it on a computer, or reading a catalogue on an iPad or Kindle.

This Week

This week has been pretty quiet really, which is nice sometimes!

Saturday was spent at Cabot Circus – I don’t normally head to the shopping areas of town at the weekend, and was reminded why! Toooooo many people getting in my way!

Sunday, the Wife and I met with Zoe and James for some nomnomTillos action. Mmm. Look at those yummy milkshakes. Sadly they were uneven, so mine was thicker than usual and Lou’s was pretty much a normal milkshake. Thats just wrong, normally they’re thick enough for the straw to stand up in!

This is my reading for the week ahead – such fun! (Yeah, I know. I did a degree with lots of accounting in, but have had to buy this book to remind my brain stuff because its been 5 years (FIVE YEARS?!) since I even did anything in class.

I’ve been a busy little blogger, with not only the usual posts here (I’m trying to do at least 5 a week. Is this a good amount? Too many? Not enough? Tell me!) but with a (in my opinion anyway) amazeballs guest blog post at SBV about the amazingness that is JML. In fact, today, I bought some JML vacbags. I am going to suck the air out of the duvet set and man, am I excited? (Shh, you know you’re jealous of how rock and roll my life is. Ahem.)

Another post which appeared this week were my answers to the questions that Tim asked me over at Foshiznik. I mention about films I’ve not seen, what my identity would become if I were in the witness protection league, and why I am not allowed Um Bongo. In related exciting news, I found Um Bongo at Tesco today. Sadly, it is not as full of preservatives as it once was. This is quite upsetting actually.

I’ve signed up for Amazon Associates, which basically means that if I include an link into one of my blog posts, then if you go on to buy it, I get a tiny percentage. Its not going to affect what I blog about, but it would be nice to get a bit of money in from the website – I’d like to hope that eventually the website would pay for its own hosting. A far off hope I think! I’m interested to know what you lot think about this sort of thing though. Would you expect any affiliate links to be disclosed? Would this need to be done on every post, or just the affliate links marked in some way?

This article about online reputation is an interesting one. I’ve been online for quite a few years, so think about what I write before anything gets published (Yeah, I know, you’re probably wondering how most of the crap I tweet or blog gets past that!) I don’t understand people who will tweet anything that comes into their head without thinking about it, then going on a deleting mission a few weeks later. Anything you put online will stay online somewhere, forever – and you can’t control that really! Of course, you can lock your Twitter, but if someone is spiteful enough, they could reproduce it. There was a point here somewhere.

Tim has managed to find the much talked about lasagna sandwich and paella sandwich, both produced by Tesco. Vom. I’m a huge fan of meals between bread (no Christmas is complete without me trying to fit every veggie and meat between two slices of white bread whilst watching Dr Who) but this is just disgusting. And I’m saying that without looking at the photos that Tim has provided. Ugh.

Aussie has now expanded over to Facebook, so if you love them, go be a fan of Aussie Hair! The Aussie Angels recieved an email from Emma in the week telling us that the Facebook page will have exclusive content and handy How To videos, plus there’ll be “lots of really, really, really, really exciting competitions”. Yay!

My Race for Life sponsorship page closed today. Boo! Thank you again to everyone for helping me to beat my target of £250. I’m really pleased that I did it, and can’t wait to run (yes, thats a promise!) the 5k next year. Who’s in?

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