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Review: GHD Air

A few weeks ago, I headed over to the GHD Hair Boutique and had my hair styled using GHD products. I loved the curls that Hayley, my stylist, gave me (although I haven’t had a chance to recreate them yet!)

As a thank you for popping along, GHD sent me the GHD Air hairdryer and the Style and Protect kit, so I now have all the tools to recreate my pretty hair.

First up: The Style and Protect kit consists of the Straight and Smooth spray (which also contains heat protection), Final Shine spray (which also helps to smooth down the wispy bits). It comes with two sectioning clips, and a huge paddle brush which I love. (Anyone else really fussy about hairbrushes? No? Just me? Right, ok then.)

I’ve not really needed to use the Final Shine spray much (my hair is pretty shiny already thanks to Aussie!) but I’ve been using the straight and smooth spray when I use my straighteners just to give them a bit of a helping hand.

So, the hairdryer. It’s from the same range as my hair straighteners, and £10 is donated from each purchase to Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

I have to be honest – when I’ve bought hairdryers in the past, I’ve gone for the dryer under £20 that has the highest wattage. My hair is very thick, and takes ages to dry normally. My previous hair drying routine would be to blast the hell out of my hair with the dryer on the hottest, fastest setting, then use the straighteners to flatten it down. Not good for my hair.

Since I recieved this hairdryer though, I don’t find myself reaching for the straighteners as much. I’m able to get my hair dried quicker on a lower heat setting than before, and my hair feels much happier for it! Perhaps it’s psychological, but even after the first use, my hair felt smoother.

Is it worth £100? I would have balked at the price previously – but then, I did at the original price of my GHD hair straighteners. Once again though, after using it, I’m sold. I’m hopeful this will last as well as my 2004 straighteners have! This is definitely one to be asking Santa for – I just hope you guys are on the nice list!

GHD Hair Boutique

Last Friday, I got into work, logged in, and checked my phone before starting work. I saw a tweet asking if any bloggers were available in Bristol that day, and my name was on the end. I said yes, cautiously, since I had no idea what I was getting into!

It turns out that GHD are having a tour around the UK, in this amazing (seriously, AMAZING) Airstream trailer to show off the new stylers and the new GHD Air hairdryer which you may have seen being advertised recently. (I actually really like the advert for the hairdryer, because it’s just a close-up of the hairdryer and then the GHD logo. Simple, no false promises, effective) The photo above is actually inside the trailer, and they even had a wash area at the back – imagine this pulling up outside your office on a Friday night before you all head off for drinks after work?

I headed over on my lunch break, not mentioning to my colleagues where I was going, and was sat with Hayley from seanhanna Cabot Circus who styled my hair quickly into loops with a mini styler. She showed me how to do the curl with a styler (I now know where I was going wrong – I needed to wrap my hair twice around it!)

Perhaps not the best look…

She spritzed my loopy hair with product, then used the GHD Air hairdryer to set the curls. As each curl was unpinned, I started to panic a little at my ringletty hair, but it was brushed out and pretty awesome!

Thank you GHD and especially Hayley, I loved my random Friday hair do! I walked in the office with my hair in big curls like this and my colleagues were amazed it had happened in my lunch hour! I was especially impressed because my hair not only lasted the afternoon (when curls normally drop within a few hours), but a trip to the gym (last photo) and even being slept on – I still had pretty curls when I went to London for an Aussie event (possibly the first time I’ve turned up with nice hair ;))

If you want to visit the hair boutique, check out the GHD Facebook page – they’re in Leeds on Thursday 4th October, Nottingham on the 5th and Sheffield on the 6th. Want them to visit you? Tweet #ghdmycity and your city (duh), and they might be on their way to glam you up!

GHD Hair For A Special Occasion

When I was sent the GHD hair straighteners to review, I was asked to show off a hair style for a special occasion. This was definitely a challenge, because most of the time, I just straighten it or clip it back. I’m pretty damn lazy when it comes to my hair.

On Saturday morning, I was wondering how I should do my hair for Sarah Mia‘s wedding (which was AMAZING and I got to spend time with the wonderful Sarah and Amy) and thought about my old fallback hair style for Uni nights out.

Back then, I would put my hair in a high ponytail, then wind bits of hair into loops and pin down. Simple and easy! For this look, I put half my hair into a ponytail and used the straighteners to smooth down my ponytail, before using them to loop my hair up. I then used the straighteners to straighten the front part of my hair before pinning it back off my face.

(messy hair thanks to some sea winds!)

(You can tell this is later on in the night, as my hair is starting to fall! Also, oh hai Amy, you look awesome)

You can read my review of the GHD’s here.

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