Lately, it feels like the blog is just about fashion and shoes and pretty shit. I like all those things, of course, but people know my blog for the random bits as well.

I don’t think that I have properly introduced Fern to you yet. I’ve mentioned her briefly (including in the sidebar blurb about me) on the blog, and quite a bit on Twitter, but I’ve not shown any pictures of her.

This is Fern

She’s a cocker spaniel and about 4 years old I think. Alex has had her since she was a puppy, and she is quite lovely.

Even if she has crazy eyes (seriously, the dog has an insane look about her.)

Despite the fact that I’ve known the dog for about a year now, it is only in the last month or so that she doesn’t go batshit crazy when I walk in. Before it was “INTRUDER ALERT HEY HI THERES A PERSON HERE AND IT’S NOT THE BOSS”. Now it’s “meh, that woman who is always around the food and feeds me”

She has traction issues. She loves the giant tennis ball (I wish I had a photo of how she carries the ball) She woke me up last week (4am. Four. Ayy. Emm.) by jumping on my chest and throwing a tennis ball at my head.

The reason I’m mentioning Fern is because of the latest post from hyperbole and a half. The Special Dog is definitely Fern.

Bifdog “Haul”

So it was my birthday on Sunday (12th). A fun filled four days, yes, but exhausting. I got given so many exciting things though, and whilst I’ve said before that I’m not a fan of “haul” videos, my presents were too pretty not to show off!

So, first off, I’m a spoilt cow, because the boyfriend bought me an iPad. Woo! He bought me the 16GB Wifi one (aka “the cheapest”…no, I don’t think you can really slate this by saying the cheapest. He bought it because he couldn’t think of anything else and Mulberry handbags were sadly not in the running.) then the day after my birthday, a lovely giant cheque from HMRC dropped onto the doormat (and surprisingly wasn’t destroyed by the dog) to which I shouted “YEAH BOIIIIIIIIIIIII” (I may have watched Hot Fuzz
the night before, bloody love that film) and then emailed a picture to Alex saying UPGRADE TIME. We upgraded my iPad to the 3G 16GB version, and now its even more amazing.
I could have just gotten the MiFi (I did enjoy using one when ThreeMobileBuzz lent me one) but I feel that they’re not as useful when you only have one device, and since I’m considering selling the netbook, its a bit pointless really. I’m still with Three for my 3G though)

Continuing on the “you’re so spoilt” theme (IF ONLY), my Dad phoned me up and told me to buy something with his credit card for my birthday. He always does this, but whenever I mention it to people, they act as if I’ve been given a crazy shopping spree. Um, no.

My BFF Helen bought me the ampersand necklace I blogged about previously by Maria Allen. My friend Rachel bought me the cupcake ring, and also some cake (which was eaten at our old work place with GIANT cups of tea. Always a win.)

The lovely Bryn (who is often blamed for me even deigning to go on a date with Alex…he says its unfair to blame that on him) bought me an excellent tea pot. Name two things I like: tea and cupcakes. Add the two together – a cupcake shaped teapot.

The Wife and Lord bought me some Saffron Gin which is delicious! We’re starting to build up quite a good gin collection now.

Gemma (who is just starting up her own blog, Bottyblog, so go give her some loving to encourage her to make more than one post!) bought me this beautiful turquoise leather bag, I love it!

Work bought me a big bunch of flowers, and people gathered around my desk and sang – which I of course hated, ugh, why would people think thats a good idea?! Thank you though to everyone who tweeted, Facebooked or contacted me in some other way to wish me happy birthday – oh you guyzzzzzzzz

(To end with, here is a picture of the dog. She is a spaniel, she thinks we exist to feed her and to act as hurdles for her to jump, and she can entertain herself for hours by dropping a tennis ball at the top of the stairs, chasing after it then taking it back to the top of the stairs. This is Fern:



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