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HtCC: Matches Dresses

I feel cheated.

Y’see, last year, I had loads of reasons to wear a pretty dress or five. Parties, events, gatherings – there was a week in December when I could have worn spangles non stop and no one would have batted an eyelash.

This year, I had two work do’s (a party and a dinner, for which I dug out old dresses and ridiculous shoes for both) and of course the wonderful SWBXmas party (which I did wear a pair of shoes I had already, but bought a new dress from Primark)

Still, that hasn’t stopped me looking at the Matches sale and making a very hopeful wishlist of dresses I would like to find in my wardrobe, please and thanks.
1 Marios Schwab £1172 – 2 Diane Von Furstenberg £168 – 3 Opening Ceremony £210 – 4 Goat £343 – 5 Issa £269 – 6 Giambattista Valli £1502 – 7 Rebecca Taylor £204 – 8 Jonathan Saunders £966 – 9 Rag and Bone £167 – 10 Goat £308

Is there such a thing as a dress fairy?

HtCC: Bank Party Dresses

If I had my way, I’d wear sparkly, flouncy, twirly dresses all. the. time. Unfortunately, thats just not practical. Sparkles are just a bit too much for work, tutus just don’t fit in bus seats, and while full circle and skater style dresses are pretty (and my favourite style), they do make a girl want to twirl about until she voms. Which is not a good look on ANYONE.

I’ve mentioned it before though – I love to dress up. Give me an excuse to wear a pretty party dress, and I’ll be covered in sparkles and ruffles quicker than you can say “wait, why are you wearing a fascinator to Tesco?”

Little Mistress Lizzie One Shoulder Prom Dress // Little Mistress Lauren Nautical Stripe Skater Dress // Lipsy Lace Body Dress // Glamorous Dip Hem Dress // Little Mistress 3D Flower Embellished Prom Dress // Glamorous Lace Tie Dress

Perhaps I’ll pop on a sparkly dress tomorrow just because I can.

This post was written in collaboration with Bank – but since when did I need a reason to waffle on about dresses?

HtCC: A|Wear

I was sad to see the A|Wear store in Cabot Circus close down a few months ago. I miss popping into the store, as I was always sure to find something cute in there! They no longer seem to have any stores in the UK, but thankfully, their website is still shipping to the UK.

1 * 2 * 3 * 4 * 5 * 6 * 7 * 8 * 9 * 10 * 11 * 12 * 13 * 14 * 15 *

With the recent hot and sunny spells, I’ve realised that I don’t really have any summery dresses! So consider this a wishlist, not just for the pretty clothes (and a few new things for my workwear wardrobe), but for the warmer weather. Slightly warmer at least, and sunny please. Thanks.


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