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You know those ads on Facebook that appear and tell you that you could get this product for 5% off? Ads are so easy to skip on mobile Facebook, so it was lucky that I spotted the Pawsomebox offer to try out the first box for free


Pawsomebox is a monthly subscription box with items tailored for your breed of dog. When I set this up, I did it for Fern (Cocker Spaniel), but it would be useful to have the ability to have a box for two dogs.

In the box, we received a squeaky furry squirrel, some bone shaped biscuits, some dental chews, some dental care spray (as soon as I pulled that one out of the box, Alex and I looked at each other and said “JILL” at the same time! That pup’s breath could kill a man), a spikey bone shaped chew toy and a storage box. There was also a little magazine in the box with a few tips and this cute graphic about how dogs bark in other languages!

The only thing that we didn’t give the dogs was the squirrel, and that was only because Jill is quite destructive. We’ve been pleased with how the blue bone has held up (still looks pretty good, a few months later) and the treats went down well (of course!).

Would I subscribe? Not really. Not because the box isn’t a good idea, but because I feel like if the dogs had this every month, then we’d be overrun with toys! Perhaps if there was an option to subscribe, but only receive boxes every other month, or every quarter, that would be much more suitable!

You can try a box from Pawsomebox for half price by heading to this page

This box wasn’t offered to me because of my blog, it was open to anyone. Fern and Jill’s opinions are not affected by products being given to them for free. Oh, and just because I haven’t posted a pic in ages of them…

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Trick or (Doggy) Treat?

Halloween is coming up, and although I don’t have any reason to dress up myself, I can’t help looking at costumes for Fern. Here’s a few of my favourites.

First up are the super heros. Superman (Superdog?), Wonder Woman and Batman

This AT-AT costume was hand made for this Italian Greyhound (which you’ve probably seen on various sites like Cute Overload but if you’re not so crafty, you can buy various costumes for your puppy to dress them up like Princess Leia, Darth Vader or even Yoda

Moving on to musical influences, perhaps you love Lady Gaga? Why not dress your dog in a replica of her Kermit the frog costume? The seller, lenapavia‘s store is full of doggy hats and costumes, so if this doesn’t take your fancy, what about a fedora hat, Minnie Mouse ears or another Lady Gaga costume, the bubbles costume she wore

An theme that wouldn’t need explanation would have to be food based. Whether you dress your dachshund as a hot dog or your chihuahua as a taco, its a simple costume thats seriously cute

Finally, since its Halloween, most costumes tend to have a “sexy” slant to them. To accompany you, why not dress your dog up like a pimp or match your schoolgirl costume?

How would you dress your pooch up? I can’t decide now!


Lately, it feels like the blog is just about fashion and shoes and pretty shit. I like all those things, of course, but people know my blog for the random bits as well.

I don’t think that I have properly introduced Fern to you yet. I’ve mentioned her briefly (including in the sidebar blurb about me) on the blog, and quite a bit on Twitter, but I’ve not shown any pictures of her.

This is Fern

She’s a cocker spaniel and about 4 years old I think. Alex has had her since she was a puppy, and she is quite lovely.

Even if she has crazy eyes (seriously, the dog has an insane look about her.)

Despite the fact that I’ve known the dog for about a year now, it is only in the last month or so that she doesn’t go batshit crazy when I walk in. Before it was “INTRUDER ALERT HEY HI THERES A PERSON HERE AND IT’S NOT THE BOSS”. Now it’s “meh, that woman who is always around the food and feeds me”

She has traction issues. She loves the giant tennis ball (I wish I had a photo of how she carries the ball) She woke me up last week (4am. Four. Ayy. Emm.) by jumping on my chest and throwing a tennis ball at my head.

The reason I’m mentioning Fern is because of the latest post from hyperbole and a half. The Special Dog is definitely Fern.

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