No, Blogging Isn’t Dead

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve seen a blog post or a tweet or whatever proclaiming that blogging is dead (or asking it), then I’d be rolling around in a huge pile of cash, à la Scrooge McDuck (side note, I have been watching the new Ducktales series and it is actually the best thing on TV. You’re already singing the theme tune to yourself, aren’t you? Ooh ooh!)

So, is blogging dead?

No, of course it isn’t. I mean, you’re reading a blog right now. I know it’s easy to assume that blogging is over, but there are a lot of factors that make you think that but they’re not true!

  • My favourite bloggers haven’t posted in months
    That damn thing, real life, gets in the way for most of us, and if you’ve been following a blog for 10 years, then you’ll know yourself that you change as you get older and your priorities and time available adjust. People get married, have babies, move house, change careers. It just seems that they all seem to stop blogging at the same time and your Bloglovin page looks a bit dead.
  • Everyone just posts on Instagram instead
    True! People do tend to write a longer caption on Instagram these days instead of writing a blog post, because that’s where their audience is. Consider how much easier it is to scroll through your IG home page and reading captions than it is to read a proper post in whatever app you use (especially the Bloglovin app on iOS…it is so terrible at loading sometimes…help)
  • There are too many platforms and we’re spreading ourselves thin
    Yup. Not disagreeing there. The problem with this point (and if you take nothing else away from this post, just remember this) is that you don’t own any of those platforms.
    If Instagram disappeared tomorrow, what would happen to your audience that you’ve spent so long building up? Would they know where else they could follow you, where they could find you? This is why it’s so important to keep your blog around as your central hub and to keep directing people to your blog. You may sound like a broken record (as I probably do on this point tbh) but keep reminding people that you can always be found at your domain.
    A domain name is the most important investment every blogger and influencer should be making – I rarely say that a blogger should do something, but this is the only thing I think you have to buy. I’ve owned the domain since March 2007, and in that time, I’ve been with three different hosting providers. But you probably don’t know that because the domain is the only thing you need to know how to find me. I could point this old domain anywhere I wanted including my Instagram profile, and 

I have seen people say that unless you blog x times a day/week/month/whatever, then you’re not a blogger but I disagree – as long as you have a blog and feel comfortable calling yourself a blogger, then you’re a blogger.

I feel like one of the biggest problems in blogging at the moment (and I’m very guilty of this!) is that the more blogs and social media from others in the same niche that we consume, the more that we build it up into this huge thing. Remember when outfit photos were just a quick snap in a mirror? Then we moved on to outfit photos needing a tripod. Then we moved on to getting other people to take those photos. Now it seems like unless you go to a fabulous location and have a photo shoot worthy of Glamour magazine, then it’s just not enough. 

But it is! It is enough! You are enough! It’s fine for other bloggers to do the big magazine style photoshoot, but if you feel awkward doing that, then you don’t have to do it. Find what works for you, and what gets you to keep your blog up and hopefully we’ll never have to hear “blogging is so overrrrrr” for a long time.

(I feel like I’m writing this to myself to be honest, so I’ll finish here but if you agree with any of this, let me know)



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