How the Nordstrom Sale Makes Me Feel Like an Outsider

Downtown Seattle from Lake Union on 4th July.

If you’ve been reading blogs or follow any bloggers on Instagram over the last month or so, you know that Nordstrom has a sale on at the moment. The summer sale that Nordstrom does is unusual because while most traditional sales are selling off old stock, this sale sells autumn/winter items for a lower price. Nordstrom is a popular department store – when I try to match stores up to British equivalents, I compare Nordstrom to Selfridges
(Neiman Marcus is like Harvey Nichols (very high end) while Macy’s is like Debenhams (high street level items, slightly tired look in store). I haven’t been to a Bloomingdales yet since there aren’t any in Washington, so can’t compare that one)

It’s a great sale, but here’s why it makes me feel a bit odd – it just highlights how I am between two countries.

I touched on this briefly on Instagram Stories recently, but I still don’t feel like I really explained it very well and then this came up which is a perfect example.

For those of you who don’t know me that well, I’m British and have part of the fashion/lifestyle blog scene for over 10 years, so I’m fairly well known (that sounds like such a terrible brag!)
I knew that when I moved, I would be starting again, but I didn’t appreciate how much more difficult it is. In terms of blogging, should I be writing about stuff that would appeal to my new audience, or to those who have been around for a while?

You’re probably wondering how this relates to Nordstrom. One of the things that’s caused some thought is whether I should be linking to stores in the US and blogging about them as they come up (and in this example, would a post about the Nordstrom sale have been useful?) or should I link back to stores in the UK? While Nordstrom does ship to the UK, there are a few things on there that it would be pointless to link to for my British audience – for example, Topshop is painfully more expensive here than back home (and yet I can’t resist heading to that department in the Bellevue store…it makes me feel a little more at home!)

So, in the grand tradition of blogging, I’ll end on a question. When you have two quite different audiences, who do you write for?


  1. It’s hard. I’ve got a similar issue of two really different groups who read my stuff. And I think partly I just have to write some articles for one and some for the other.

    As someone who is so sick of hearing about the Nordstrom sale I’m considering never setting foot in a Nordstrom again I’m a wee bit glad you haven’t gone link happy with it.


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