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An Outfit and a Ramble

Blue striped shirt - Who What Wear at Target, Black Leggings - ASOS, Silver Sparkly Boots - New Look via ASOS : Fashion Blog Outfit Post

I feel like I’m supposed to apologise for these photos. It’s been far too long since I did an outfit post (not counting the best outfit post ever, the last time I posted one was April 2016), and in that time, it seems like people have shifted from taking a photo against a plain wall to having a full blown photoshoot. But…I don’t feel comfortable doing that. Not yet, at least. I still, even after all these years, feel awkward about everything to do with outfit posts – how to pose, where to pose, what to do with my face..this is probably most of the reasons why I prefer to do this at home alone.

I picked up this shirt on a random Target trip, it was reduced for some reason down to about $8 and it’s so comfortable! These boots are from New Look via ASOS and make me smile every time I look at them. Just because it’s autumn doesn’t mean you have to wear all black (not that it’s a bad thing!) Look at them though!

Close up of silver sparkly boots from New Look : Fashion Blog Outfit Post

An Offensively Easy Flapjack Recipe

You know when you’ve got a craving for something, and you can’t stop thinking about it? That’s been me with flapjacks this week. Home made, the ones you get in little cafes, even the little squares from Sainos that I swear are just butter and sugar and oats. Not that this recipe is much better.

flapjacks are really lovely

It’s barely a recipe really. 2 parts oats, 1 part butter, 1 part brown sugar and a squeeze of golden syrup, all chucked into the food processor and whizzed about for a bit until it all came together. I then chucked in some raisins because I’m super healthy like that and mixed it all up. Squished it into a tin lined with parchment paper (get a big piece bigger than the tin, scrunch it up and run under the tap. It softens up the paper so you don’t have to cut it down to size and it makes it easier to pull out of the tin because it’s all one piece. Pop it into the oven at 180C / 350F (I don’t know the gas mark. Does anyone even use gas mark any more, the only place I ever used it was at school) for about 20 minutes.

This recipe is easily made vegan (veganised? veganable?) by switching what butter you use. Apparently golden syrup is vegan (at least the one from Lyle is, but lets face it, there is no other syrup) and isn’t too difficult to find in the US – I picked some up at my new favourite shop Cost Plus World Market but I noticed that the supermarket QFC near my house sells some in the breakfast aisle.

Go make some but don’t blame me if you eat the whole pan at once.

It’s OK To Be Basic

“Are you even a real blogger if you…”

No. Shut up.

It feels like in the past month or so, there have been a ton of these ~*relatable*~ tweets getting retweeted a ton. “Are you a real blogger if you don’t have a photoshoot at a pumpkin patch?” “Are you a real blogger if you don’t have a marble background for your flat lays” “Are you a real blogger if you don’t actually blog?” The answer to only one of those is no.

I mean, I get it. The thing about blogging in the past few years is that while people say that they want to see original content, the things that get the most likes and views and whatever YouTube does these days is content that follows the current trends. That’s not a bad thing! It’s just proven that people like it. It doesn’t make you a bad blogger for following a trend, it doesn’t make you a bad blogger for not following a trend.

Back in the olden days of blogging, no one cared if they were doing the same thing as other bloggers, because they just did it however they wanted to. I feel like this is one of the big things that makes people say that blogging in 2009-2011 was nicer is that people didn’t really care what everyone else was doing, and so didn’t snark on it publicly under the pretence of “keeping it real”. Don’t get me wrong, I can be snarky, but what I try not to do is shit on what other people actually enjoy. Just let people do what they want, and I bet your timeline would be much happier for it. (And if there are people doing things that anger you in some way? Unfollow them, idiot. It’s OK to curate your timeline to the things you enjoy!)

So go and take a photo of your red cup (which btw I really love the design of this year. Isn’t it pretty?) this winter. I hope you had a tasty drink in it – I can recommend the snickerdoodle hot cocoa and my forever favourite, the peppermint mocha. Just do what makes you happy, and it will come across in your writing.

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