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Swooning over Swoon

Oh Swoon. One of the more dangerous openings in Bristol this year has been Swoon Gelato, a gelato shop on College Green who make all their own gelatos and sorbets in house. It’s literally the most delicious sweet place in town. It’s the new #puddinglunch place. It’s where we go after we eat dinner somewhere (because lets face it, most places pudding menus just aren’t as good as this) It’s just GOOD. My favourite is probably the Bacio (hazelnut and chocolate), but I also really loved the lemon and basil sorbet from my last visit. Here are some of the Instagrams I’ve made from my various trips to Swoon, just incase you were thinking of not going. Seriously. Go. Go now.

… then we popped to @swoon_gelato for a sweet treat and followed it up with a cocktail at Red Light.

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Accidentally a @swoon_gelato. (Thats how it works @waiyeehong, right?)

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A @swoon_gelato in Queens Square. Of course. (Digestive and Chocolate/Hazelnut, amazing)

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Chat chat chat

I wrote about chatty blogs on Bonjour Blogger last week, and why I think they’re making a return. It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while, as really old blog posts of mine come up in my Timehop.

Posts back in the day (aka 2008) were basically me rambling on about nonsense stuff. Todays Timehop brought up a post where I talked about being over complimented on a dress, why agencies are shit (still true) and how my dad was getting married that day, which surprisingly wasn’t the main focus of the post. Posts around that time included random pictures from my iPhone (just one picture, filtered to shit with an app that was supposed to make pictures look like a Polaroid and that you had to shake the phone to “develop” the picture. Yeah, early iPhone apps were odd.), posts about Topshop and how they were selling some weird shit and tv shows that I liked.

So why did people stop? I guess bloggers felt like they had fit in better to get further, and I know I did that. But we seem to have gone full circle and to be more different, bloggers are being a bit more chatty, which also helps build the loyal audience. I’m going to try to be a bit more chatty and a bit less generic. It shouldn’t be that difficult…or perhaps I have spoken too soon!

This week has been pretty normal, I’ve been to the gym and work, I’ve done some painting (glossing doors. I hate glossing. It is literally the worst part of decorating, and I will always end up getting some gloss somewhere on my body that will take a few days to get off.). This is why I don’t vlog and why I don’t really Snapchat much – because my daily dailyness is pretty boring!

So, what’s going on with you?

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