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Dumplings dumplings dumplings, dumplings.


Wait, that doesn’t make sense. Let’s start again.


The first week of May is Bristol Food Connections week, where lots of different events happen all over the city as part of a big food festival. Two of my favourite tweeters, @waiyeehong and @restingchef are getting together to host a dumpling making workshop, and I had a sneaky preview one Sunday afternoon when the craymart needed to test the recipe. Obviously, I couldn’t say no because, well, dumplings.

So! We put together a pork based filling which was quite unphotogenic


For the first batch of dumplings, we used ready made wrappers. You can buy these frozen from Wai Yee Hong if you’re in Bristol, or you can make your own with just flour and water.


A small amount of filling is put on the wrapper, and if they’re frozen, you need to wet the edges so it will stick together.


Pinch, pinch, pinch…




Once we had made enough, we cooked some off because testing is super important, you know.


Oooh, look at those dumplings! Crispy and delicious, with a bit of sauce on the side to dip into.


While photos and videos can show you how something is done, being shown in person is even better, so if you’re free on Saturday 9th May, head over to the Wai Yee Hong website and book your spot on the dumpling making workshop. You’ll learn how to fold jiaozi, how to cook them and…ok, you don’t need any help eating them, but you will get a bag of ingredients from Wai Yee Hong to go with your creations and will be shown other things like how to make wontons and other ways of folding.

(Oh, and if you’re not really the cooking type, you can buy ready made dumplings from the craymart, and you can go to one of the supper club events because Danielle makes one of the best roast dinners in Bristol)

How To Make Espresso (Almost) Anywhere


Have you ever ordered something, then forgot you ordered it? Yeah. I can’t remember where I saw the Minipresso but after watching the video, I placed a preorder. Which I forgot about until an email came from PayPal a few weeks ago saying that an invoice had been raised. Apparently I paid for it (because the payment was made from my card, not my bank account) but I thought that I hadn’t so when I received the shipping notification, I assumed it was an automatic thing, and when the box appeared on my doorstep, I was a little worried!

The Minipresso is a way to make a single espresso shot, wherever you are. You just fill the relevant bit with coffee grounds (or you can get one that allows you to use Tchibo or Caffitaly capsules for even less fuss), fill the bottom reservoir with boiling water, screw it all together, undo the pump part, flip it upside down and start pumping! This forces the water through the grounds at the right pressure and in under a minute, you end up with a shot of delicious coffee. It even comes with its own built in cup for those “emergencies” when you can’t find your little espresso cups.

The Minipresso cost $39, plus $14.90 shipping to the UK, which in total worked out to be £36.70. While a Moka Pot* will be cheaper and able to make more cups at once, I like the Minipresso for the ease and ability to take it with me to work for emergency caffeine shots!

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