Introducing Jill

I can’t believe I haven’t introduced you all to Jill yet! Jill is an 20 month old springer spaniel who came to live with us in August, and it now feels like we’ve always had her! She’s such a happy looking dog, and likes to be with people. I’ve never known a dog to stand on her back legs so much (she likes to say hello) and hug (she’ll sit on your knee, and rest her head on your shoulder. That’s weird, isn’t it?) She hasn’t barked yet (although Fern has made up for the both of them)

Fern is OK with her, we think she thought Jill was just visiting for a few weeks, but she seems to be realising that Jill is here to stay!

You’re just here for the photos though, aren’t you?


She doesn’t like baths very much

2013-09-21 21.48.14-2

She likes to try and catch flies.


Fern and Jill looking suspicious in my room.


It’s difficult to get anything done any more


Worn out from their w-a-l-k-i-e-s

You can find more photos over on the joint Tumblr account (Fern grudgingly agreed to share it)



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