The Girliest Squeal

…pretty much describes what I did when I heard that Justin Timberlake would be performing at the Brits this year, 10 years after he last appeared on that stage.

(I have to take a moment here to go WHAT THE WHAT. 10 YEARS? I’M SO OLD. Ahem. Back to the girly squeals)

Last year, I blogged about how I thought that JT should stop faffing around with things like acting, Myspacing, and interior designing and just get back to music. Obviously (can you feel the sarcasm there?) he saw my blog post and realised I was right. SO EXCITED.

I’m guessing he’s there to perform his new song, Suit and Tie…

…which…it’s alright, but I’d much rather see some old school Timberlake. Maybe “Cry Me A River”?


or even good old “Like I Love You”

(I know when you sing along, you try to hit the high notes as well. It’s OK, we all do it.)

Secretly though, I’m hoping for a bit of this…

He’s just so oddly attractive when he sings with the Lonely Island…

I swore off the Brits last year, but I definitely have to be watching this. See you in front of the TV on the 20th.



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