New Years Resolutions 2013


Happy new year! Hope you all had a lovely evening – from the sounds of Twitter, it seemed most people were staying in! We did our usual lazing in front of the TV with fizzy wine and snacks.

So, resolutions, targets, goals – call them what you like, but do you set any? I do this sort of blog post every year, partly because I quite like to list them somewhere, and partly because by putting them out in public like this, I can’t pretend I didn’t say it! (Well, I could, but that would be wrong)

First of all, here’s last years, and what I did:

  • Make this blog better. – Difficult to measure really. I hope I have, at least.
  • Become more confident in my dealings and ~*relationship building*~ – Hm. Slightly. Maybe.
  • Develop the side projects – Failed. I’m so crap at getting myself kicked up the bum!
  • Get at least 1000 bloggers listed on the bloggers map – Not quite. There’s about 950 on there at the moment, so close!
  • Meet more bloggers and Twitter people. – I’ve met more bloggers in Bristol, and more lovely Twitter people, so yes, I did this (but I always feel like this could be done better!)
  • Spend 30 minutes a day disconnected without electronics. – Oh you knew I’d fail at that.
  • Take at least 1 picture a day on Instagram. – Nope. Although Instagram has made it easier to share snapshots, I find myself self editing what I want to take photos of. I’m using it less lately, not just because of the new t&c’s that they decided wouldn’t be coming into place, but just that I’m not as bothered about it as I was
  • Do Race for Life again. – Of course!
  • Go on holiday. – Nope. But I’ve never really been bothered about holidays, so I’m not too bothered by it :)

For this year? Well, lets see…

  • SIDE PROJECTS DAMN IT – Heh. I have three things that are outside the blog and outside of my job that I want to work on – two to do with my beautiful city, and one that I’ve been meaning to do for too long (that I’ve probably told some of you about before – sharing some of my knowledge with others)
  • Read less blogs. – I know, thats a weird resolution. But when I was unemployed, I subscribed to a lot of blogs. The long commute to my job that I left in June meant I needed more stuff to read, but since working closer to home, I feel more guilty at not reading everything. Combined with an apathy about blogging that’s grown this year, I thought it was time to reduce what I read – and I’ve already deleted about 350 feeds from my Google Reader in preparation!
  • Socialising – not just an excuse to get drunk – Meeting more new people is always fun, and with helping to organise the SWBXmas meetup, I realised that I enjoy getting people together, and if we can get together to raise money for a good cause, then even better! What I would really like to do is have a gathering of bloggers once a month, just going to the pub after work on a Friday for a bit of a gossip – although we’re moving to a new house next week, which is bigger than our current place, so hopefully I can have more gatherings at home!
  • Exercise as much as I have been doing – Since August, I’ve been going to the gym about 3/4 times a week, and while moving house is going to make this a lot more difficult, hopefully we will have our own equipment at home, so I can’t just use the “oh it’s far too cold/wet/dark out to go to the gym!” excuse.
  • Finding Joy – Slightly influenced by Sarah Mia, I started doing this a little in June, but gave up a bit. I set up a Tumblr account to record all of the things that made me smile – you can find it here –

What are you planning to do this year? Share your links to your resolutions below!


  1. Theresa says

    A brilliant list and some inspiration for my own resolutions! Finding joy (and documenting it every day) is something I’ve wanted to do for a long, long time so I might have to it this year! Your blogger map has found me many new blogs to read, including yours (I think someone either tweeted or blogged about the map and I’ve been reading ever since!).


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