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Dr Martens in Bristol

A few weeks ago, I was invited to an event on a weekday evening in Bristol. That alone was exciting enough (and not just because I wasn’t at work that week, so had lots of time to drink tea and read. AWESOME.)

Dr Martens is a brand that I have always felt like I wasn’t quite cool enough for. Back in the 90’s, I moved primary schools in year 3, and found myself in a different world, fashion wise. At my first school, we could wear what we wanted, but at the new one, there was a set uniform, so the main way people were judged on fashion was their shoes (I know.) In Year 4, the shoes to have were a specific type of DM’s, but my parents couldn’t buy them for me, so I stuck out (even more than a new person does in a school where everyone has known each other since birth)

Back to the present day. I’ve been eyeing up the new DM ranges that have appeared in the last few years especially, but never could quite bring myself to make the purchase, since I assumed that they were all lace up brogue types (and I’m just not that sort of girl most of the time). When I was sent the invite to the new DM store opening, I hoped there would be a style more suited to me…

The new store is located in Broadmead just a few doors down opposite the main entrance of Cabot Circus. (For those who know the area, it’s between HMV and Lloyds TSB.) Having been in since the event, it’s a good sized store with a neat layout, but with some interesting decorations (like the jukebox at the back of the store that I fell in love with. Impractical? Yes. Awesome? Definately.)

The event itself hosted two bands at the back of the store – first up were the Fauns who were more my style of music but the second band, The Idles, were a lot more energetic! I couldn’t help tweeting the larger image in the picture below – anyone who’s ever been to a gig in Bristol will know that if it’s a good band, Big Jeff will be there, bopping along with his mass of blonde hair. I tweeted the picture and had so many replies from Bristol people agreeing with the good music barometer of his hair!

With a pretty awesome discount available on the night, I ended up buying not one, but two pairs of shoes! Not all for me, I might add, but I thought I should pick something up for my little sister because I knew she would be pretty stroppy if I didn’t!

The boots I picked up for Steph were the Triumph 1914W boots which can be laced up in lots of different ways for different looks. A little bit too much for me, which is why I went for the Marie style, a basic looking ballet pump style, but one that I know I can wear all the time. I’ve been wearing them for a few weeks now, and although they were a little uncomfortable at first (when brand new), they’re already seriously comfortable. (Bonus – because of the way they’re made, it’s meant my feet have stayed reasonably dry in this horrendus weather we’ve been having lately!)

Finally, because it was stuck in my head for at least a week afterwards (and because who doesn’t love the Young Ones?), here’s a song from an episode of the Young Ones about Dr Martens boots.


image via drive thru this

Ever come up with a blog post idea only to find that you’ve already done it? I thought it would be nice to tell you about what I am thankful for, but apparently I already did that last year. Of course, I’m still going to do it. I think it’s a good thing to remind yourself what you are thankful for!

So, I’m thankful…

…for Alex. Even when I am super exasperated with him, he still makes me laugh and then I forget why I am so annoyed at him. Good skills, boy.

…for friends who are amazing, despite the distance. (not forgetting friends who are close by, you’re pretty ace too)

…for Fern, she may be a super stupid spaniel, but she’s very cute and sweet. Except when she wakes me up by licking my face and having dog breath. Not cool, spaniel.

…for my job – it’s kinda strange being a permament member of staff again after 4 years, but I am so grateful that I have a job I quite enjoy doing (and that my jury duty happened when I wasn’t temping!)

…for big cups of tea, pop tarts (POP TARTS!), seaweed crack and peppermint white hot chocolates at Starbucks (Sorry Starbucks employees, I have taken to apologising to you before I order because my order is getting ridiculous for ONE DRINK)

…for discovering that my body *can* go to the gym and *can* do stuff there. It’s not really something I’ve talked about on here, but it’s quite strange (but nice!) to find that actually, I quite enjoy going to the gym. (It’s just the getting there in the cold, dark and rain that’s painful)

…for my crazy family, because they understand why I do stuff (and my dad is getting super competitive with me about losing weight. “I’ve lost 2 more stones than you!” “Daddy, you have a hell of a lot more than me to lose though” That didn’t go down well. Heh.)

…for blogging – yes, I get driven crazy by the community (didn’t you see my blog annoyances post?) but I love that sometimes, just sometimes, bloggers can come together to do some good. (I assume you’ve bought a ticket for the bloggers tea party next month in aid of Macmillan. If not, you probably should hurry, there’s only 2 tickets left at the time I write this!)

…for Twitter, because each year, I meet more and more awesome new people. I know that so many people write Twitter off as a waste of time, but I know I would not be where I am right now without it.

…for PORKS. Yeah, you knew that would be on the list. (I’m hoping the quote in the image comes true on this point ;))

Soooooooooooooooooo, what are you thankful for? Link me to your blog posts if you do a similar kind of post!

HtCC: Winter Calls

I love love love winter coats. You’re going to be wearing this for at least half of the year – you need to find one that’s perfect for you. If I could, I would have lots of coats in all different colours – although from my selection below, you can probably guess that they’ll all be in a certain style!

First up from ASOS, where I have bought my last three winter coats from (all still going strong and looking good!) is this purple coat with the folded over collar* (£59.50) – I love the buttons on this coat, much prettier than the usual ones that come with a coat! This red fit and flare coat* (£70) is also cute, although looks a little short here. (I like a coat that’s about knee length)

From Dorothy Perkins, this military frock coat* (£75) is again, a bit short, but would be a comfy coat for the weekend to wear with jeans. Topshop have this cute “oatmeal” coloured clasp coat* (£85) which also has a hood (I love hoods on coats) while Matalan has this red longline coat with a belt * for just £45.

Finally, from the Curve section of ASOS is this yellow coat* (£75) which I love (and obviously, instantly thought of Sarah Mia for it!) or if you don’t mind waiting a bit longer to get a coat, this cute charcoal coat* is $74.99 from Modcloth (although you will end up paying duties and tax, sob)

If these are a bit expensive for you, why not have a look at A Thrifty Mrs’ post about purse friendly coats.

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