“Curtsey While You’re Thinking What To Say. It Saves Time”

I’ve had this book quite a few years – I picked it up in Tesco in Chester oddly, on my way home from work one night. Debrett’s are well known for their etiquette guides, and this is an attempt to bring some of the standards more up to date.

This book is a good basic guide into etiquette, that you may not have known about previously. The photography is beautiful, and reminds me of some of my favourite blogs. It covers situations that we all end up in (sleeping over for the first time) and situations that you may never expect to end up in…being a passenger on a private jet? A girl can dream. (But hey, at least I know what to do now if I ever do end up on a Gulfstream!) You can buy this book on Amazon*


  1. Ooh this sounds interesting! I am a total sucker for these kinds of books – especially if there is beautiful photography involved! And yes, pivotally sounds like a good subject area for a blog – there must be etiquette blogs out there surely?!

  2. Yes, and I read the “Staying the Night” page with interest!

    I liked the: “…tonight is not the time to train him to your laisser faire approach to grooming”

    Amusing! Realistic! Yes, an updated Debretts indeed.


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