Sharing The Blog Love

I was really pleased with the reaction to my post about things I dislike about blogs – it seems like most people do some of those things, but get irritated by them as well!

Blogging is such a solitary hobby really, when you think about it. You might get someone to help with photos, or whatever, but each of us are alone when we’re typing away on our laptops, iPads and phones. I touched on it briefly in my post, but I think one of the things that so many of us fail on (and I include myself there) is talking about other blogs.

Most of us have a little blog roll of our favourite blogs (and I recommend you check out every single one on mine over there → →
I like how Jennie has a blogs she loves bit on her weekly feature on things she loves – I’ve found a few blogs this way that I enjoy reading. I’ve seen a few other people do this at the end of a weekly recap post (the dreaded What I Did This Week Through Instagram posts ;))

Instead of tweeting about your new blog post, why not retweet someone else’s tweet about their blog post? It means their blog will get shared to a new audience, and they may retweet your posts, showing off your blog to a whole new group of potential new readers!
So, this weekend, I’m going to tweet about blog posts and blogs that I’ve enjoyed and I think other people will like as well. It’s just a small thing, but I hope someone finds their new favourite blog from it! I’ll hashtag them all with #wkendbloglove – feel free to add blog posts you’ve loved reading to the hashtag as well!

When you’re replying an email from a PR about working together, why not recommend your friend’s blog as well? Chances are, they were looking for more bloggers to work with, and probably hadn’t heard of your recommendation. I doubt anyone is ever going to say “No, we know all the bloggers we’ll ever work with, thanks!”
Sarah and I do this quite a lot – its nice to be doing something the same as someone you know well, and it means you can compliment each others posts without making it dull for people who subscribe to both of you.
It’s always good to do this even if you’re not going to work with a brand. “I don’t cover [topic X], however, have you seen [blog]?” is a much politer way to say “Thanks, but no thanks”

Those are just a few suggestions on how to share the love – I’d love to hear yours though!


  1. SJP says

    Where am I on your list then, eh? ; ) Only teasing – I def think it’s good to share the love and it’s often something I do when PRs email, particularly if I’m out of town and can’t make event – I think it’s always nice to spread the word about other bloggers and events that might suit them.

  2. Laura says

    Thanks for the love – I am going to make an effort to re-tweet others :)

    I do tend to tweet my own though but then again thats what gets the traffic!


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