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Kate Spade – Style and Manners

I posted about Occasions, the first Kate Spade book in this series a few weeks (months?) ago and thought it was about time I showed you the rest. Manners* (“Always Gracious, Sometimes Irreverent“) is about the different etiquette needed in certain situations – interesting, although coming from an American point of view, it differs slightly to the English standards. whilst Style* is probably closer to what a fashion blogger would be interested in, talking about the different ways to find style inspriation, as well as histories of different items, how to wear patterns, colours, etc.

A 29th Wishlist


To be honest, I am less excited about birthdays as I get older. I mean, I will still have to go to work this year (the first time in at least 5 years I have worked on my birthday, which is weird), it’s just not as exciting as it was when you were a kid, and its very unlikely I’ll get a cake with a tiara on top that I can wear.

(My mum bought this for my 22nd birthday. I obviously still have the tiara.)

I’m very lucky in that there isn’t much that I really need. However, if any of the following found their way to my house, I wouldn’t complain.


Shoe Porn:

Alex has tried to impose a rule in the house that for every new pair of shoes I buy, I have to give up two old pairs. Apparently throwing out 20 pairs of shoes before I moved in with him wasn’t enough. I’m starting to suspect he just hate shoes. (He has two pairs – a pair of trainer type things and some hideous sandals which he enjoys wearing with socks because I flinch in horror every time I see them)

I’ve thrown away too many shoes – I think its time to buy a few more pairs. have an offer on at the moment where they have over 100 different styles for £19.99. Here’s a few of my favourite pairs – theres a bit of a theme…


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