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So obviously, you know who I am. (Really? You don’t? Well, I’m Hayley, and this is my blog. So, y’know, hi.) but you probably don’t know the girls I’m doing Race for Life with so well. We call our little group Four Feet, and first up is Helen. She was the first person to show me around my new school in year 3, and hasn’t been able to get rid of me since. Ha!

Hi, I’m Helen, the youngest of the Feet (yes we were all in the same school year but now we’re getting old being the youngest and reminding the others of this at every available opportunity is extremely important!). I’m currently living and working in Chester and have no significant other half to speak of (there’s nothing wrong with me honest! I’m just picky and have height issues!). I enjoy watching rugby, quizzes, Singstar (me and Hayles are amazing) and general fun activities. I hate spelling mistakes and text speak, don’t even get me started on ‘lol’ and I overuse exclamation marks!!!!!! (Just realised that sounds a bit like a dating profile thing, it wasn’t meant to!)

Those of you on Twitter might know me as @hellybellybutt but I answer to most names, Helly, Belly, (not Butt!) Simmo, Bel, Smellon and if Hayley is feeling particularly lovely, ‘Oi, biatch’!

Me and the Feet!

I’ve known Rach all my life. I can’t recall my first meeting with her, no doubt I was still a very ugly newborn, she’s my cousin and at just three months old, on the way to Rach’s 1st birthday that I fell out of my car seat and landed on concrete (no that does not explain a lot!). I don’t remember the first time I met Gemma either, more than likely it was at nursery or play school but I’m sure it was magical. I actually do remember the first time I met Hayles, she was the new girl at school and I got to look after her and show her how things were done (not that she listened, I don’t think I told her that we lock ourselves in the toilet with a book if we don’t like the teacher!). Anyway, long story a little bit shorter we have been friends ever since. We have drifted away from each other a few times but always manage to get back together and meet up, although not as often as we should, especially considering three of us all live in Chester still!

Me and the Race For Life!

I’ve done the Race For Life twice before. Once with the Feet and last year with work people. Although I might not look it, I’m the laziest person I know when it comes to exercise and I run like Phoebe in Friends so in the past I have tended to walk, skip or generally just prance about during the race and I imagine this year will not be too different (apart from being attached to another person). I will be racing for a few people, Hayley’s mum, obv, sadly I’ve lost some family members and family friends to cancer in recent years and my job involves contact with people who have terminal asbestos cancer (mesothelioma) so I will be thinking of everyone during the race.

Me and You!

So, what do I want from you????

Obviously Race For Life is about raising awareness of cancer but it’s also about raising money so, if you can sponsor Team Feet please do! Here are the many ways you can do this:

Online –

Text – FEET88 £1 to 70070 (replacing the £1 with whatever amount you’d like!)
In Person – if you’re one of those people without a phone and don’t like putting your bank details on tinternet (you’re most likely a relative) just get in touch and you can fill in a sponsor form

We don’t just want your money though. So you feel like you’re getting more out of your sponsorship than the warm fuzzy feeling that comes with giving to charity, Team Feet is giving you some input on how we do the race and what we wear!!! It’s all very exciting isn’t it?! So, if you have any ideas on costume type things or alternative ways to run/walk/dance/hopscotch the race, just let us know.


Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Thanks even more if you’ve sponsored us.

And thanks if you’ve made a suggestion for the team outfits (if it was a nice one!).

Basically, just thanks a million!


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