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Thank you guys for the kind words said about Wednesdays post. Its something thats been going around in my head for a while so was a good thing to get it down on paper…or blog post. While I explained it in terms of blogging, it is something that is a huge mental block in the rest of my life. Things like not having a serious boyfriend until I left uni, because I was so doubtful that anyone would be interested in me. Not joining groups at uni because I didn’t know anyone there and didn’t want to be in a position of not knowing anyone – its the first week of your first year of uni; no one knows anyone! Never getting an job through an interview (where they didn’t already know me from working for them already) because I don’t have the ability to talk myself up, either on paper or in the actual interview. (I actually tend to play stuff down, because I don’t want to sound like I’m bragging – IN AN INTERVIEW. THIS IS WHAT I AM SUPPOSED TO BE DOING THERE.)

I would welcome any advice that people have to give on those fronts. (Except the boyfriend part. I quite like mine.)

In a sort of related way (in that perhaps seeing what I can improve will help increase my confidence in what I do), I wanted to ask you guys what your opinion of my little blog was. All of the questions are optional, so you can be completely anonymous (will I regret this?) but I would appreciate as much info as possible. Because you’re ace, you are.


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