Shoe Vom: Jeffrey Campbell – “Lita”

Normally in this category of “Shoe Porn”, I share some shoes I love and wouldn’t mind finding in my shoe collection one morning. But…well, to balance the good, there must always be the bad and the ugly.

Jeffrey Campbell Lita’s are probably one of the most wanted style of shoes at the moment. Everyone in blog land (this weird place) seems to either have a pair, have a pair of fakes/lookalikes or want a pair. I was browsing the Lita collection on Solestruck and came across the following. Prices are beneath each picture so you can go WHAT THE HELL TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS FOR THOSE? Because trust me, theres at least one pair here you’ll say that about.

Not very me, but not that offensive really. They remind me of bowling shoes or roller boots. I want a pair of roller boots now.


I’m not a fan of animal prints, but I just don’t get the toe. Its like a baboons red bottom as your toe.


Cosmic Litas – for that garden party that you’re going to. No?


Um. Cat tapestry. I just can’t


Be an extra from the Lady Gaga “Telephone” video!


Chewbacca feet.


Finally, to match the stars and stripes ones above, why not look like a Spice Girl in there “Spicy” Union Jack glitter platform boots. Only $148!


  1. Kelly says

    I like the cat print (no idea why, I know it’s ugly!) and I rather like the cosmic print.
    I however do not like the clumpy Lita, just a shoe that looks clumpy on most unless you are a long legged model.

  2. Harriet says

    Ok, I’m definitely not a fan of these prints, but I do have to admit I love the shape and style of the Lita (please don’t never speak to me again now I’ve addmitted that!). I just love the wackyness of them I guess!

  3. Jessica Elizabeth says

    I know what you mean; Lita’s, if you actually look at the plain ones, are just glorified, expensive shoe boots. The sad thing is, most girls probably aren’t even buying them because they like them, they’re probably just getting them because the rest of the blogosphere is going mental for them. (Which is irritating, because I would gladly take their £130 off them to pay my rent!).
    If I was given a pair, I would wear them, or if I found a pair for a tenner in a charity shop, but there is no way I would even consider paying that much for them (or any pair of shoes), especially considering their basically a fad, and won’t be exactly a timeless piece that you can wear forever.

    And I completely agree with Kelly- people with legs shorter than some people’s arms (it has been known…) like me would look ridiculous in them.

    Another great post anyway.

  4. Karoline says

    I love lita! The shape, form and fit. Don’t care for the crazy prints though, solid colors only for me. However, that leopard and pink — I don’t know. I’m smitten! But where would you ever where it? :)


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