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I was reading Company magazine yesterday and came across the above advert. At first glance, it looks like a perfume ad – and this was the intention. A closer look revealed that the ad was for a new brand of eggs. Eggs.

My next thought was that this was a joke – there’s no way eggs would be advertised in a fashion magazine – but no, this is a real advert, and a real product. What I don’t understand is why. Why do eggs, one of the most basic food items, need to be sexed up? (forgiving any egg/fertilisation puns you may have thought of there)

The website is not much better, describing the product as being “born to be baked“. Phrases like “…as every girl knows, size is important.” “cake fashionistas” and “[T]hey come in pretty pink cartons that are hard to resist” further show what sort of audience they’re going for. Whilst it is nice to see the popularity of baking on the rise (heh), phrasing like this irritates me.

What do you think? Is bread next to be pinkified? Perhaps we can have some vintage style milk or some shabby chic cheese?


  1. Gem says

    Great post! Absolutely shameful product. I hope no women were actually involved in creating the concept of those eggs. How stupid do they think we are?! Eggs are eggs, for Christ’s sake.

  2. Kat M says

    I spotted this very advert in another fashion-based magazine, and thought the exact same things as you did. I really don’t know how these eggs can possibly be any different to other eggs, other than the fact that they come in a pink carton. If people are really going to choose their eggs on the colour of the carton, rather than free-range/caged hens or size, or even price, then good lord, I really hate to think what the world is coming to ha!

  3. daisychain says

    Seriously cracking up (get it? yeah)

    If I wanted pink eggs I’d paint my own, not pay for the damn things.

    We’re missing out here. Fancy a stall on St Nicks in coloured eggs?

  4. Harriet says

    When will brands wake up to the fact that ‘marketed towards women’ does *not* mean ‘make it pink’?!?

    This bugs me so much – I go out of my way to *not* buy pink things just because it annoys me so much!

  5. Daisy says

    I spotted this in Marie Claire the other day and I had to read the ad a couple of times-I showed it to the boyf and asked him what the point was with them just being eggs- he said “well, it’s grabbed your attention and you’re talking about it”. He has a point!x

  6. Alice says

    It’s all a bit twee and ew isn’t it? Would it make you think ‘Omg must go and buy some eggs’? It wouldn’t me. I find it v weird.

  7. Sara says

    *rolls her eyes* Everything about this is wrong…I mean, not all girls like pink, for a start, in fact I’m much more a fan of blue than I am pink. Also, the whole ‘I’m a girl who’s sexy and baking in a kitchen’ screams us having gone back ten decades. I’m all for the retro, vintage boom of the moment, and I love me some cake, but this isnt the sort of thing I’ve come to identify baking with….to me, its about independent women rediscovering something that gives them personal pleasure, a time to unwind, and the sense of achievement only a perfectly risen cake will bring. It is not about doing a Nigella and making it all about how lovely we can be in the kitchen for our partners. Although she does do some rather wicked receipies, I just could do without the pouting and talking in a breathy voice.

    This is quite clearly yet another way men try to take something, sex it up or just plain try to translate something that unless you’re a female of such inclination, you’re never going to understand truly. I think we all need to very much not buy these eggs so they disappear off the supermarket shelves pronto!

  8. Christina says

    As a woman, there are definitely things I look for when buying eggs and I would be really happy if major brands wanted to listen to my ideas – what I am interested in is knowing that the are free-range, preferably organic as that has the highest levels of animal welfare, and tasty.

    i don’t cake about cutesy pink packaging. I like my eggs to look like they came from a local farm, not the 1950s.


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