Reem. What?

Selfridges to me has always been one of those department stores thats a bit special. Debenhams, John Lewis and even House of Fraser are nice places, but Selfridges is more designer, more different. Perhaps it’s because the only Selfridges I’ve been to have been at least an hours journey to get to.

When I saw these t-shirts then, I was first surprised then saddened that Selfridges would cheapen themselves this way.

1 * 2 * 3 * 4 * 5 * 6 * 7 *

If you’ve been living under a rock, consider yourself lucky to not know what these slogans mean. “The Only Way Is Essex” is yet another dreadful “reality” show with careful editing and scripting – sorry, structuring to show the “stars” in a certain way.

For some reason, there have been quite a few spin offs from the show, and these £30 t-shirts are just the latest in a long line of self tan, extensions and the infamous “vajazzling”. (Weren’t our lives so much better for not knowing some people like to stick sparkly bits around their lady parts?)

To me, these t-shirts look at best like something sold at Asda for £8.

The “Keep Calm and Carry On” slogan was created at the start of the Second World War, to boost morale around the country. Most of the posters were destroyed at the end of the war, but 60 years later, a copy was found inside a pile of books bought at auction.

The slogan has been used in many different ways and put on so many different items, but this?

“Keep Calm and Be Reem”*



  1. Jen says

    Sigh indeed. These t-shirts (and the whole TOWIE brand) feel totally at odds with the Selfridges brand. I wouldn’t expect Selfridges to stock those awful ladies World Cup t-shirts (with ‘Come on England’ emblazoned across the boobs), so why these? Tacky, cheap, and completely out of place in a high end designer department store.

    It’d never happen at Harvey Nics.

  2. Laura says

    These are absolutely awful, they definitely do not go with the Selfridges brand, and I really wonder why they thought it would be a good idea to stock these. Also, they’re £30??? As you say, they don’t look like they’re worth £8! Awful awful awful!x

  3. Sarah says

    Oh. Dear.

    DP are doing a range too, including a tshirt which says SHA UP! I think it’s supposed to be the Essex pronounciation of ‘shut’ – but my bestie pointed out that DP had made her a motivational tshirt. She’s buying it, obviously.


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