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Although I still love blogging and the associated awesome things it brings, since starting my new job, I’ve been struggling to post.

Whilst unemployed, I’d built up a small stash of posts to try and cover this gap, but here we are, writing this on my phone on the bus. Seriously, it’s like I’m back at high school, doing my art homework on the bus (confession to Mr Griffin: I used a HB pencil for those sketches that you complimented my light and dark shading. I’m sorry. But not that sorry.)

This weeks #bbloggers chat was about time management, and while it was interesting to see how other people fitted blogging into their lives, it didn’t really give many practical tips about how to not only keep on top of posting, but also keeping up to date with the blogs you subscribe to, and leaving comments where possible.

I try to do this on my delightful journey every day (35 mins from my house to the centre, 45 minutes from the centre to the office, not including waiting at bus stops and traffic!) but I get car sick (if anyone knows of a solution for that?)

Not only am I finding no time to post, but I don’t know what to post about. I have things I want to post but for some reason just can’t find the motivation.

So, how do you guys manage to post so often, and what tips can you give me?


  1. Tor says

    I feel your pain: I have so much going on at the minute that blogging isn’t top of my priority list. What I find helps is gathering all my inspiration and images during the week (long lunchtime walks, window shopping trips, all fun times!) and then setting aside a period of time on a sunday afternoon when I write and schedule my blog posts for the week ahead. Not ideal, but it’s what’s getting me through right now!

  2. The Girl says

    This is going to be one of those comments where I don’t actually leave advice so apologies in advance for that.

    I can completely relate to this. It’s no coincidence that since my job role changed and ramped up a few notches my blogging has been going into decline, both in terms of frequency of posting and quality of writing. Both of which drive me mental.

    I’ve massively massively reduced the blogs I read now and really the only ones I read are the ones that I know I’ll comment on. It had got to the point where there’d be 12 billion unread items in Google Reader but really I wouldn’t have missed much if I wasn’t reading those blogs. So I had a cull. It felt pretty refreshing.

    And now. I need to not write comments when I should be doing work.

    Sssh don’t tell anyone.

  3. threesmallapples says

    OMG I feel your pain. I envy people who have time to post more than 3 times a week. I long to be able to do that (and take proper pictures) but it’s so hard with a full time job (and an hour commute each way)… not to mention writers block. Keep at it though! You’ll be glad that you did.


  4. Sarahmia says

    I try and write at least two or three posts during a lunchbreak at work – that way I can schedule two of them and know I’ve got the week covered for a bit. It doesn’t always work but I generally have a lot of draft posts that I start and don’t finish, so it’s quicker to finish them off when I have 20 minutes at work.

    My feed reader is organised into categories like blogs, favourite blogs, illustration and craft, wedding, lolz, happy and fashionista. My alarm goes off an hour before I have to get out of bed because I hate waking up quickly so I spend 10 or 15 minutes whilst I’m still half asleep browsing google reader on my phone. I tend to read the ones I know will be quick, to cut down on the bulk. Things like illustration and craft and loz get read in the morning, longer posts or image heavy stuff I’ll do at the weekend or when I get home in the evening.

    If I find i’m reading a feed but not enjoying it or skipping those posts it gets binned. I’ve trashed a lot of blogs that I used to skip-read and it certainly makes me feel better not having ‘699 items’ staring at me all the time :)

    As for comments, well..I’m a pretty lazy blogger when it comes to comments. I think mostly because I read through google reader (which means clicking out to go to the comment section) I don’t bother to comment unless it’s something I’m really interested in. I’m trying to change that, but I still only leave 2 or 3 comments a week, really.

    I’m not sure what advice I can give you to change that particular problem, if you find a solution maybe you can let me know? Heh. Maybe star/bookmark the entries you find that you’d like to comment on and set aside 10/20 minutes to do it at lunchtime/when you get home?

    Hope this is helpful! :)

    Sarah x

  5. Stuart Herbert says

    I set aside a couple of hours each Sunday morning to write up the week’s blog posts, scheduling them to appear during the upcoming week. I find it really works well for me, and doesn’t feel as stressful as trying to cram in time during a busy week.

    Hope that helps,

  6. Gemma says

    I try to reply to comments and emails when I’m on the train to work, travelling really is wasted time isn’t it? hate commuting!
    I haven’t found a way to post more than twice a week or once a week now that I’m in full time work, I do have a tumblr account which I post photos on, the kind that I don’t have time to write a whole post about.
    Maybe you could jot down ideas in a notepad on your way to work and on lunch breaks so when you go home it doesn’t take so much time to write them up.

    I also like reading quick posts, like peoples pictures of nail art or a review of an item. Maybe you could do a small/quick post a week and a round up on Sundays?

    Not been much help…

  7. Harriet says

    I am so sorry you are struggling, as I absolutely love reading your blog and I will miss it terribly if you take a break! Having said that blogging is supposed to be fun, and if it is stressing you out you must definitely take some time off to relax.

    I blog quite regularly (four times a week) and it is hard. I have regular features such as my ‘lazy sunday links’ post which means I don’t have to spend time brainstorming what to say. I try to take loads of photos just in my everyday life, so that some of them may end up on the blog. Every sunday evening I spend a good hour or two commenting and reading other blogs, and then I try to keep up with the ones I follow in the week too. I also write a lot of posts at the weekend and schedule them through the week, and even if I haven’t written the post I make sure I have a plan for about 1-2 weeks ahead so it doesn’t take so long to write them up.

    I hope that helps a bit. I also don’t have a massive social life!

  8. Nose in a book says

    Erm, yeah, my solution is to not blog so much when I’m busy. Plus I throw in some photos as filler. I decided from the start that blogging shouldn’t be a chore. I follow some great blogs that only update once or twice a month at times and that’s fine. Not so good if you’re trying to build up a following but if you’re just blogging for yourself then don’t stress about it. I do feel the guilt about not reading and commenting on other people’s blogs for long stretches though. Think I just have to accept that I’m sporadic.

  9. Joshua Jacobs says

    Hey there, I’ve been reading through your blog and I like what I see! It’s actually funny that you posted this, because I have a blog that gives tips for being more successful and related topics (such as time managment). You should check it out! There should be some good advice on there for you. Thanks and good luck!

    adviceyouneed.wordpress.com— go to Time Management 101

  10. Jen says

    I can keep up with the posting, but reading other blogs and leaving comments I struggle with. That sounds like it’s a chore – it’s really not, I love reading blogs and interaction is a huge part of what makes blogging so much fun. But sometimes I *have* to prioritise things and that’s the first thing to slip.

    I don’t think there is an answer, really. There’s no way to speed up that process of reading and commenting – you could do it on your phone while travelling (although that makes me car sick too) or while watching TV but it will still take time. Something else has to give.

  11. Emma says

    Ha, I know exactly how you feel; I was in a similar situation a few months back. I no longer have a job now, though, and I find myself almost posting even less… I think I take for granted the amount of time I have to put a post together, so I end up just putting it off. Or something.

    Hope you’re feeling inspired soon! x

  12. Maria says

    I always love reading your posts and I think it’s a matter of finding a schedule to suit you! I tend to comment after I have just posted as I am already on the computer… I try and find time to take photos and then try and write the post up that day or when I am next free bhut it is difficult!

    Maria xxx


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