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A few weeks ago, I was bored at my computer (nothing unusual there) and came across a competition on the Freya Facebook page where you could enter to be a blogger for them. Freya make gorgeous lingerie for the more…well endowed… lady, and I first came across them last year when The Wife took me to be measured properly at John Lewis.

I’m sure I’ve told you this story before, the Wife decided that I had to be measured because she has a bit of an obsession with boobs (when yours are a crazy huge size, you become obsessed apparently!) and marched me into the changing rooms where a little old lady (who scarily reminded me of my old maths teacher – seriously uncool when you’re standing in a changing room in an illfitting bra) measured me up and told me I was about 4 cup sizes bigger than I thought. No wonder all my bras were illfitting!

At the time, I’d assumed that all bras over a D cup were – well, like this:

Not in the least bit sexy or pretty. More the sort of thing that my mum would have chosen. Eugh.

However, maths-teacher-bra-fitter went off and brought back some Freya bras which were gorgeous!

The original question on the Freya Blog Star competition was “I fell in love with Freya when…” and you had 40 words or less to write it in. I wrote the following:

I was first measured for a decent bra a few years ago, by a little old lady who came up to my boobs. Realising larger sizes doesn't have to mean boring bras made the increase in size not so scary!

So, very long story short – I was picked to be one of the final four in the Freya Blog Star competition and I need you guys to vote for me! You just need to click on this Facebook link, click my happy smiley face (photo taken by Sarah, of  course) and follow the instructions. I’d really appreciate any help you guys can give me to pimp this out as well :) Voting ends on the 16th, so theres just over 2 weeks to vote

If you vote for me, I’ll be your best friend. I might even make you cake.*



* promises of cake and best friendship valid for a short time only. Act now! Your home may be at risk, and other such small print


  1. Gillian says

    Oh wow, good luck! :)
    I went to get properly measured a while ago and it’s crazy the difference between the size I thought I was and my actual cup size! I’m so glad there are brands like Freya who understand that girls with big boobs want pretty bras too. There’s nothing worse than finding a gorgeous bra and then realising it only goes up to a D cup, argh!

  2. Sarah says

    I have voted! And actual LOLZ at the first pic – that is so what I think of when I think of bras for the larger breasted lady!

  3. Lil says

    Voted! I actually proper lolled at the huge bra in that first pic, exactly the image I had in my head when bravissimo measured me a few months ago, so happy that’s not the reality.


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