“Pound and Explode Dude, It’s Still A Thing”

Floop. That, dear friends (readers? lovers? No.) is the sound of a very exhausted but happy girl. (Its also the sound a spaniel makes when she falls off the top stair. Or the bed. Or a chair. She’s a bit clumsy really)

I finished my first week of work, and I’m enjoying it so far. Which is weird. I mean, you guys put up with me complaining on Twitter most of the time about my old job, how dull and repetitive it was, how the people were were douches, how generally crap everything was. New job is pretty much everything old job wasn’t. Interesting (my brain actually hurt from all the info I’ve been taking in), pleasant (even the chefs in the cafe downstairs asked how I’m getting on!) and different (so many new things to learn!). The only crap part about it is that my journey takes (on a good day) about 90 mins. Each way. Still, time to read more books and in theory blogs (once I top up my iPad – I haven’t bothered while I’ve been home all the time!)

I love this Miss Selfridge dress. Its such a nice shape, but unfortunately just a biiiiiit too short for me. Always the way. I bought it last year when I returned the top that the personal shopper matched me up with because the beads fell off after one wear. Theres no way I can wear this dress without tights or leggings, and unlikely I can wear it with heels. Boo! Wont someone think of the tall girls?

A few links to keep you entertained:

*sigh* Since I have so little time in the week to do anything, today is a day of chores. Bah. I don’t even have any Veronica Mars left to entertain me, I finished the last episode yesterday. Now what to watch?


  1. Harriet says

    That is such a pretty dress!

    Congrats on your first week of work, so glad it’s going well! Those exploded things are awesome, but the thought of taking apart a camera makes me weep a little bit.

  2. Helen says

    Hey, thanks for the comment and for visiting! I loved loved loved the Modcloth link. I have a wedding to go to…but no money to spend!


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